Pet Rocks

IMG_2761At noon art last week, the kids made pet rocks.  I could not believe how creative they were!!  I had also put out empty shoe boxes and bits of fabric for them.IMG_2762This one is a dog. The child who made this one was so happy and couldn't wait to bring it home to share with her family.IMG_2767Here is a whole family of pet rocks and I got to meet them all by name!IMG_2766This habitat is complete with bed, small rug and chairs.IMG_2756VERY decorated habitat!IMG_2758Another family complete with pets and different rooms to hang out in! As you can see (and this is a very small sampling), the kids had a huge blast with this project. We had about 150 students at this noon art. I wish I had taken more pictures - there were two story homes, homes with doors and roofs, "pets" that were all dressed up - the list goes on and on. I LOVE noon art, these kid's creativity know no bounds!!