Free Teddy Bear Vest Pattern!

I'm so excited to release my first pattern to the public!  It's actually not the first pattern I have written, there have been several for my students and I may decide to post those as well, but this is one I am proud of.

Stuffed Bear Vest

IMG_3295A student from yesterday's class finished her bear and wanted to start a "shirt" for her bear.  So... instead of making this vest, she will make two backs and then I will come up with something for the short sleeves!IMG_3302 This is her completed bear - isn't it fabulous?!!  This student is in the third grade - she knit it by herself and then put the whole thing together with very minimal help - The scarf was her own creation and she did it all on her own in between classes with no help at all - can you tell I am so proud of her??