Awesome students!

Today started bright and early with the cutting of fabric for pillow cases.ImageThe kids get to pick their own fabric and learn how to use a pattern.ImageThey get so excited when they find that "perfect" fabric for their project.ImageThese kids come and get right to work.ImageEach day we take a mid-morning break.  The kids love to have their snack and sit and chat.ImageHere we are finishing up our batik squares of fabric.  Tomorrow we will be sewing them into pillows.ImageThese two girls are putting the finishing touches on their batiks.  Their designs look great!ImageOne of our youngest students learning how to control her machine.  She did so wonderfully!ImageThese two were so excited to finally start their first machine sewn projects.  Here they have picked out their fabric for a sachet each and are learning to use a pattern, put right sides together and how to pin appropriately.ImageOf course, using an iron is a must!!  It's also a life long skill :o)IMG_3627 Working, working, working...IMG_3628 Everyone was very busy creating.IMG_3629 The student in the foreground finished a reversible headband and is shown here working on cutting out fabric for a pillow case.  The student in the background finished up her sachet and is now working on a reversible headband.IMG_3630She finished her pillow case!!IMG_3631 IMG_3632Cutting stabilizer for a headband.IMG_3633Another finished pillowcase!  Look at that happy face :o)IMG_3635Working and chatting - the best way to create.IMG_3636Putting the finishing touches on her sachet.IMG_3641Look at that proud face!  She finished her headband!IMG_3642Another finished sachet.IMG_3643This student finished her sachet and started a headband.IMG_3644She finished her sachet and is bringing it home to hang in her room.IMG_3645She is so happy!!  She sewed this on the machine all by herself, closed the opening used to stuff it and then sewed on the button.  The only assistance needed was help to tie one knot.  Impressive!IMG_3646Another finished headband.IMG_3647A bag created from imagination.IMG_3648Another free form bag!IMG_3649Love that creativity!As you can see, all these students are so amazing!!  Only a few days sewing and look what they can create - such fast learners with such great imaginations :o)  I can't wait to see what tomorrow will hold.