Talented Fiber Artists

The students in our classes continually amaze me.  The atmosphere during class is truly like none other than I have ever seen.  These students don't all know each other, they are from different schools, they are different ages, some are friends coming in and all are friends now.  When one student needs help, anyone else near that student rushes over to see if they can lend a hand.  There is a feeling of camaraderie and caring and support here.Pin cushion.Small quilt.Pillow."I" Pillow for a gift.Weaving.Quilt.Knitting.New skirt!.Close up of the skirt.Shirt - almost done, only the sleeves and hems to go.Sewing.Working away and chatting with friends.Pin cushions.New project.Hand sewing.Start of a headband.Cutting and Laying out fabric for a quilt.Finalized fabric layout for a quilt.IMG_6547Putting on a button.Hand sewing.Cutting out fabric.