Knitting Camp Recap

Boy, we had a lot of fun this past week!!  Lots of knitting was done and new friendships were forged.  Knitting always seems to bring people together, both kids and adults.ImageOne of the camper's favorite places to knit is around the kitchen table.  They knit and chat and laugh and have a great time.ImageAnother favorite place was on the couch.ImageHowever, knitting outside was their very favorite place to knit.  Unfortunately, the first two days of this past week saw rain and we had to stay inside.  Thankfully, by Wednesday, things had cleared up and we were outside again!ImageThe abilities of our campers was also varied.  We had campers who were brand new to knitting and...ImageKnitters who had been with us for awhile.  This camper made a vest for her bear.  The bear she had made during knitting class after school during the year.ImageIsn't that vest so cute?!!  It fits her bear perfectly and look at that great knitted fabric - job well done!!ImageSuch concentration!ImageDuring camp this week, we learned how to dye our yarn!  See those extremely fancy garbage bag aprons?ImageWe placed the yarn on a plastic wrapped paper plate and used spoons to get the dye in just the right place.ImageEach hank of yarn was unique and beautiful.ImageLots of very vibrant colors.ImageThen back to their knitting!ImageImageProud of progress!ImageHaving so much fun!ImageThis camper finished her wrist warmers in a day and a half!  Then she started a scarf.   Amazing!ImageHer first knitted project and it looks fabulous.  Such a lovely bag!  This camper went on to knit several cat toys to donate to our local animal shelter.ImageMeet Stella Stuffmore, the name given to this monster bag knitted by this extremely creative camper.IMG_3826Gotta love that colorful yarn!  Isn't Stella Stuffmore cute?ImageThis camper is entering 2nd grade in the fall and completed these wrist warmers before the end of the week.  Her knitting improved so much and I am so proud of her!!  Now she is working on a stuffed toy.ImageMore wrist warmers - a very nice first project for this camper.ImageA mini-monster stuffed with beans and with an embroidered face.  So cute.ImageHer very first knitted project - VERY nice!ImageOctopus dolls.  These are so fun to make.ImageAnother octopus doll in the works!ImageNot only did this camper finish her wrist warmers (her first ever knitted project), but she made this little phone holder for her phone.ImageA very mini octopus.  I have to say, I think this is the cutest!ImageAnother set of wrist warmers made by an entering 2nd grader.  That is a lot of knitting for a 2nd grader!!