Crochet Camp is this week!

Our first day of crochet camp was today and boy are these kids quick learners!IMG_0073We always start out with shoelaces.  It's a quick way to learn the chain stitch and to also learn how to make your tension even.IMG_0075

Finished shoelaces!!

IMG_0076And another pair of finished shoelaces!

IMG_0078We also dyed yarn.  I love having the kids do this.  They have such a great time and it will be exciting for them tomorrow to roll up the yarn into balls and make something with it.

IMG_0080Each hank is different.  Some like just a smattering of dye...

IMG_0079while others like lots of dark vibrant colors.  Either way, the resulting yarn will be beautiful.

IMG_0077This camper even finished a hair scrunchie!  Then she started a beaded head band.

These camps are so fun!  I can't wait until tomorrow to see what each camper makes.