2nd grader warping.

Our last camper is warped on her new project and has started weaving.

2nd grade weaving.

Here she has done her even weave and is learning the loop stitch.

6th grade weaving.

More loop stitch.

Loop stitch.

The first stitch we showed the campers (after evenweave) is the loop stitch.  It adds interest and texture and the campers loved it.

3rd grade weaving.

After the loop stitch, we learned how to do Danish Medallions.  As you can see this camper wanted to add beads to her medallions - what a great effect!

6th grade weaving.

More Danish Medallions with beads.  This camper chose to use her yarn that she dyed earlier this week.  I think it adds such great contrast.

6th grade weaving.

This camper finished her piece.  The new stitch you see is the Leno stitch.  I think it looks a lot like lace.