The Weaving Continues!

Today was a day of finishes.  All scarves were finished and most of the campers learned how to warp their own looms.  Oh, Yeah!!

5th grader cutting off her scarf.

There was lots of nerve racking cutting of the warp this morning in camp.

2nd grader cutting the warp.

Of course, when there is cutting of warp, there is the finishing of a project.

5th grade woven scarf.6th grade woven scarf. 6th grade woven scarf. 6th grade woven scarf. Warping new projects.

Once a project is finished, it is completely necessary to begin a new one!

More warping.

All but one of the campers at least started warping their looms today in order to start the next project.

3rd grade scarf. 2nd grade scarf.

Such lovely scarves have been created and all the campers were so happy with them!