January Sewing

Our students started January with such enthusiasm it was had to keep up with them!

6th Grade Backpack

This 6th grader finished her back pack and as you can tell, she is so thrilled!  I LOVE the animal print with the orange - it's just the perfect combination.

5th Grade Headband.

A finished headband!  I am always amazed at the color/fabric combinations that these students use and they always turn out so cute!

3rd Grade Bunny

This 3rd grader has so much patience!  His bunny, as you can tell, is super tiny.  It cannot be sewn on the sewing machine, it must be sewn by hand.  His stitches are so perfect and so small - isn't his bunny cute!  Now he is working on a quilt - 2"X2" squares that make up flowers.

Monster Zippered Pouch

Don't let this zippered pouch fool you, it took a lot of patience and determination to create and finish it.  The face was created and hand-sewn one piece at a time with teeny tiny hand stitches.  Then came the addition of the zipper.  If you have ever put a zipper in you know it can be hard work.  This student made it look so easy.

5th Grade Backpack

Another cute little backpack - the straps are just the perfect addition!

5th Grade Backpack

I just had to take another picture of it closeup.

5th Grade "Hand" ElephantThis student used her hand as the pattern for this cute little elephant.  The project started out as a pillow, but after it was sewn together she decided that it looked like a "3-legged elephant".  I must say that I totally agree with her!  Note the cute little eye and the hair.5th Grade "Hand" Elephant

This is the other side of her elephant (so cute!) - do you see the tassel tail?  That tail is just perfect.

Chatting and Sewing

Lots of hand sewing taking place outside.  I can't believe this is January and it's warm enough to sit outside!


Adding a nose to her bunny stuffed animal.  This one should be finished next week.

5th Grade Bee Pillow

Such a cute bee pillow!  This student worked so hard on her pillow.  The wings are fleece and while they look perfect on this pillow, they were kind of a bear to work with.  She persevered, with lots of ripping of stitches and re-sewing and finished up yesterday.  I absolutely LOVE it!

5th Grade Bee Pillow

Don't you love it too?!