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Studio Happenings!

Last week in the studio was so much fun!

Several worry pets made their appearance!

We had a cross stitch finish and huge progress on another project by a different student!

And a really fun and creative tote bag for a special mom made by this student.  This bag has so many extra details!!  Button eyes, a mouth with lips that is actually a pocket (things like keys can be placed in the mouth and go in the pocket that’s attached), “MOM” labeling, and there is also a cup holder inside for his mom’s coffee or water.  What a thoughtful and uber creative finish!!

Third Week Camp Highlights

We are currently entering out 5th week of camp!! I am really behind on the blogging front, but we are having a fantastic time at camp!  Here are some of the highlights from sewing camp during week three:

There were lots of tote bags made.  Each one turned out so well!

Lots and lots of pillows were made.  Some were quilted and some had embroidery on them.

Stuffed animals, pillow cases, and freeform dolls with their own set of clothes!

This sewing camp decided they wanted to weave so we set up the looms for them!!  What a fun time we had!  Lots of scarves, table runners and even a pair of wrist warmers!

Head bands and scrunchies!

And so much more!!  Our sewing camps are so much more than just sewing.  They are about exploration, friendship and fun!

Wednesday Class!


All kinds of good sewing going on!  We have the cover to a bean bag, a pet bed, jammie pants and a stuffed animal being created!

We have the start of a padded computer envelope, measuring and pinning of the hem on some pajama pants, and ironing.



And a free form elephant head.  I can't wait to see it when it's finished!  So many different projects being created in class!

Adult Classes

Our adult classes are in full swing!



Working on different projects! It will be fun to see the finishes and starts next Tuesday!

Monday Studio Time

Monday was a fantastic day in the studio!!  Our students asked to listen to the soundtrack from "High School Musical" so we were rockin' out to that.  I couldn't believe how sweet it was to hear them all singing along as we worked on our projects!



After finishing the panda, this student started a pillow as an end-of-year teacher’s gift.

There was also weaving, cutting out a new project, hand sewing and machine sewing happening in the studio. WHEW!! So much done in one class!

Tuesday Adult Class

Our adult class is moving right along!! Lots of sewing happening!

I can't wait for next week - finished projects and new starts!

Marvelous Mondays!

Monday in the studio this past week was so fun!  We had...





Starts of two new projects.




And more sewing.  So many good things happening in the studio!

Birthday Parties at Let's Go Crafting

Let's Go Crafting helps you host your child's birthday party. We provide all the supplies and materials necessary for the party and you get to sit back and relax! For the party this past Saturday, the birthday girl chose a panda bear stuffed animal for her project. All the party goers made one and were thrilled!

We precut all the fabrics so the party can get right to sewing. There is usually a combination of hand and machine sewing. Children as young as 8 years old can do this!

Everyone goes home with a finished project! This is such a fun birthday party and one that is different than most! Let us know if we can host your child's next party!

Wednesday Class Fun!

Lots going on in class on Wednesday!Arm Knitted Scarf!Heart PillowHand SewingStudent created light box for design transferHeart pillowTransfer for embroidery and knittingKnittingArm KnittingSo much creative goodness going on at the studio!!

Monday’s Kid’s Sewing Class

We always have fun in class!! Here are just a few things going on...Monogramed Heart PillowPillow for Valentine's DayEveryone sewing!A perfectly sized pillowApplique pillow topApplique consultationTalking about what design to quilt on her hand bag strapI love our classes!!

Adult Sewing Today

Today was a great day in sewing for everyone!!Lined tote bag finish!Lined tote bag finishLined tote bag finishAren't these tote bags cute!!  They are also very functional and have an added bonus of teaching many of the basic sewing skills in a fun and useful way.Work on Tote bags.Working on hemming curtains and planning out a pattern.More sewingOur studio does it all!  Beginners and advanced, using patterns, drafting patterns, mending - we teach it all!

February Classes

We had our first class for adults today. I don't have any pictures, we were too busy, but we sure had a great time!! Pictures forthcoming next week! Now onto our Monday kid's classes! I have some new Valentines samples for inspiration. I hope they like them!Fabric EnvelopeHeart Applique PillowValentine CoastersHeart Zippered PouchIt's completely lined!Heart Button PillowValentine BookmarksI hope they like them!!