Session 7 of knitting and sewing starting up!

The last couple of posts have been dedicated to our sewing classes and I wanted to share some of the fabulous knitting that has been going on.

3rd grader with a finished bear leg.

This brand new knitter has just finished the first leg of her bear.  She worked so hard on this!!

4th grader with her squirrel.

We also had a fun finish today - this 4th grade student finished her squirrel stuffed animal.  Isn't it so cute!  This project took quite awhile and comprised many new skills - increasing, decreasing, gathering and more.

Poufy tail!

Just look at that fun tail!  It is made similar to a pompom but in many sections to create the length.

3rd grader knitting on circular needles - more than 100 stitches!!

This is also an impressive piece of knitting.  There are over one hundred stitches on these circular needles and the third grader knitting this has already finished about 25 rows - you do the math!!!  She has informed me that she is now going to change colors and add both a white stripe and a red stripe.  I cannot wait to see how this turns out!