Fun Knitting!

And the knitting continues!!  Our students are having sooo much fun and creating so many great projects!

The group knitting away.

When we knit, we all sit together at the picnic tables at the local elementary school.  As  you can see, they are just having such a good time.  Nothing better than knitting and chatting with friends!

3rd grader working on her project.

This is a first project for this third grader.  She has worked so hard on this and she is now having such a nice tension and getting a great fabric.

2nd graders helping each other.

Lots of collaborating happens in these classes.

3rd grade bag - designed and knit by her.

One of our third grade students knits quite a bit at home on her own.  She decided that she wanted a bag and created one.  How fabulous is that??!!

3rd grade bag.

Doesn't it look just great?!  It's the perfect size for her, just what she wanted and it hangs exactly where she wanted it to hang.  What an accomplishment!

3rd grader with her finished monster stuffie.

Here is that monster in all it's glory.  I love it!  The color of yarn she chose is so festive and happy.  This is her first project and it came out simply marvelous!  Now she is on to her next project - a teddy bear - a perfect knitter, always something on her needles!