More Fun Sewing Projects!

We have been having such a good time and working on so many great projects lately in our sewing classes.

3rd grade "tiny" puppy.

Lately, our 3rd graders only want to work on tiny, palm held, felt animals.  These can actually be quite hard to put together - the pieces are super tiny and have to be hand sewn carefully.

Teeny tiny puppy by a 3rd grader.

Isn't this the cutest little puppy?!

Progress on 5th grader robe.

The exact opposite of those tiny projects is this summer robe.  This student is doing a fabulous job of putting together her robe - she is quite a bit farther along than this photo shows - she has inset both her sleeves and sewn up the underarm seam.  Not much longer now and she will be totally complete.  WOOHOO!

4th grader with his stuffed dog.

This student worked so hard on his stuffed dog!  Doesn't he look proud!

Adorable face!

I had to show a close up of that cute face!  I love the fabric and color combinations and the eyes are just precious!

3rd grade pouch.3rd grader with her pouch.

These small pouches come together really quickly - both students completed their pouches in two sessions.  Great sewing!

Lovely color combinations.

Carefully chosen and cut fabrics to make a...

Finished pieced quilted pillow by 3rd grader.

Beautiful Pillow - monogrammed and everything!

3rd graders hand sewing.

When our students need to do any hand sewing, you can most often find them out on the front patio enjoying the weather and friendship.

5th grade frog.

These animal pillows are so much fun to make!

3rd grade ladybug.

Any fabric and colors can be chosen to individualize them.

3rd grade tiny pig.

And lest you think it's all work, work work...

Having fun!

A little levity to make you smile :o)

Having fun!

They are playing around with a knitted pillow sample that had not been quite finished.

Having fun!

Maybe it shouldn't be a pillow, maybe it should be a hat!!