Weaving Camp is here!

We are ready for our weaving camp that starts tomorrow!!  Our studio has had a change from...

Sewing Camp Set Up

Sewing Camp to...

Weaving Camp Set Up.

Weaving Camp!IMG_2228

Each loom had to be warped in preparation for our students tomorrow, but I had a lot of help!  Two of my daughters helped to measure warp,IMG_2229

and thread the looms.  I tied the warps onto the front apron rod.  It's great to have help :o)IMG_2244

All of the looms are warped in this black yarn.IMG_2245

And these are the yummy, bright colors that we will be using as our weft.  I can't wait to see which colors each student will choose.IMG_2246

Lots and lots of bright solids and variegated yarns.IMG_2247

Something for everyone!