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We're Back!

Our classes did not meet last week because of Thanksgiving break, but it was fabulous to be back creating today!Another quilt to donate!Starting a quilt.Working away!More sewing.Almost done!Weaving.Starting a new project.Ironing.Starting a crochet afghan.

First Classes for the Fall

We had a fantastic time yesterday!!  Our fall classes started up and the enthusiasm and excitement running through the studio was like an electric current.Working on a long-term project.

Some students are finishing projects started at the end of the school year...

Starting new projects.

Other students are working on new things...

Starting new projects.

Everyone was having so much fun!


I love that the students discuss their project choices and fabric choices with one another.


Such a fun and fabulous day!


This really is a sewing class.  No, really!

Weavers.More weavers!Small bag.Zipper perfectly installed.Completely lined!TAAA DAAA!!  Another blouse by a 4th grader.

Check out that ribbon trim!

Back of same blouse.Look at all the support she garners for a great finish!A new pet being shared with our class.It's an alligator lizard.Tux the distractor makes another appearance.Hem stitching.Cutting off the loom.Cutting off the loom.

Yes, it's still a sewing class, but we have taken a bit of a turn for to do some weaving.  Making cloth - not just sewing cloth :o)

Sewing and Weaving

I am so excited about what has been going on in the sewing studio lately!!  We have had many finishes:

6th grader blouse front.6th grader blouse back.

These shirts are quite complicated.  They are not "kid" patterns, they are real patterns.  The front of the bodice is totally lined and has interfacing in it.  There are pleats - both front and back and it is sewn on knit fabric.  Job Well Done!

3rd grader puppy.

This little puppy is done completely by hand!  Isn't he cute?!

3rd grader woven scarf.

He wove this scarf for his mom!

4th grader blouse front.4th grader blouse back.

These blouses are coming out so lovely.  Lots of hard work and lots of time go into these.  Great work!

4th grader bag.The bag in use.

This bag posed it's own set of difficulties for this student.  She chose some gorgeous fabric, but it is a very fluffy fleece and is very hard to sew on.  But she persevered and it turned out beautifully!


Celebrating her blouse finish.

Starting on a new project.Almost done!Learning to weave.

Another weaver!

Another blouse almost done!Finishing up a scarf for her mom.Our current class.

They were taking a little break and I was able to capture them - such a happy crowd.

Sewing, Knitting and Weaving!

We are continuing to have so much fun and create so many great items in class!

Getting started in class.

The beginning of class is such a fun time.  The students set out their projects and talk with one another about what they are working on.

Making progress.

Everyone is making such great progress on their projects!

"Cyclops" pom-pom

This pom-pom was not quite complete, but was named "Cyclops".  Isn't that the cutest?  It was finished - another smiley face pom-pom and then gifted to one of the teachers at our school.

One student helping another to crochet.

One of the things that naturally occurs in our classes is an overall sense of helpfulness.  Here it is being demonstrated by one student helping another with her crochet.

The Balloon Game.

At break time we played a game with a balloon.

Don't let the balloon touch the ground.Adding a second balloon.

Once they had accomplished keeping the one balloon in the air, we added a second balloon!!

So proud of this student!

This student went home last week and made herself a tote bag!  With help from her mom, she sewed this up - gotta LOVE it when these creative students have such supportive parents!!

Inside of tote bag.

Check out that cute fabric and the little pocket.

Two more students weaving.

When knitting class is over, it is time for sewing class to begin.  Or is it???  We have two more new weavers in the sewing class!  I am so excited for these students to be able to learn so many fiber skills.

Winding a shuttle and sewing.Cutting interfacing.Stuffing her project.Weaving with ribbon yarn.

I was a little reluctant to let this student weave with ribbon yarn.  Not because it's difficult, but because it is really "fiddly".  Meaning it's a little time consuming to get all the ribbon bits to come out the front of the warp threads.  I shouldn't have worried on bit!!  The fiddly bits do not seem to bother this student at all!  And it looks simply fabulous!

Working on a little zippered pouch.Her shirt is almost done!

These shirts that the kids are making are not all that easy.  These are real patterns with many steps.  The bodice of this shirt is fully lined.  All that is left on it is the arms and the hems!  Great job!

Knitting and Sewing continues!

Last week we mixed things up a bit in knitting.  I find that sometimes, especially on warm, sunny days, the kids get restless about half way through class and need a bit of a break.  Knitting for an hour and a half is hard work!

Mr. Smiley!

Sorry for the blurry photo.  Sometimes it's hard to photograph someone's finished project as it is waved in front of the camera - the kids are just so excited about their creations, they can't hold still!  This student made a pom-pom last week and turned it into a smiley pom-pom this week, which promptly retained the name of "Mr. Smiley".  So cute!

The Marble Game.

About half way through class time, the students were getting a little bit restless so we took a small break and played "The Marble Game".


First, I  hand each student a paper towel tube that has been cut in half.  Then I show them a marble and explain the rules of the game.  The object of this game is to work together and keep the marble rolling from person to person without dropping it.IMG_3958

Once the marble has passed from your tube to the next person's tube, you run from the start of the line to the end and get ready to catch the marble again.  These students had a great time and managed the all-time record of four rounds!

Back to knitting.

Then it was back to their knitting!

4th grader Spot Dog.

Sewing was a BLAST!  We saw a huge Spot Dog come to completion.


Isn't he cute?!

Tux the distractor.Playing with scraps from his latest project.

Sewing Class

Sewing classes at Let's Go Crafting are always amazing because our students are amazing.  The things that they create and think up are so fabulous!

4th grader finished shorts!

This 4th grader finished his shorts today!

5th grader sewing a knit top.

Working with knit fabric is not an easy thing to do, but this 5th grader is making great progress.

4th grader sewing shorts.

Once this student saw his classmate making some shorts, he knew he also needed a pair!

Group of sewers hand sewing.

These students are working together on their projects.  They are all at a point where there is some hand sewing and it's just so much more fun to do this and chat at the same time.

4th grader "E" pillow.

Another letter pillow for this student.  She is making her name in pillows and says she wants to hang them on her wall.  Hopefully she'll let me take a picture of all of them when they are hung - I'm sure that will be a focal point of her room!

Weekly Sewing Classes

We have been having a great time and making so many cool things in our weekly sewing classes!  I have had a hard time keeping up with these students and their creations!4th grade "Spot" dog.4th grade "A" pillow.5th grade apron.4th grade "K" pillow.3rd grade "Owl" stuffie.4th grade bag with a zipper designed by our student.4th grader designed hat.4th grader designed clutch bag complete with button closure and patch embellishment.5th grade bean bag.4th grade "T" pillow.4th grade "H" pillow.4th grade "E" pillow.4th grader elephant stuffie.4th grader "Spot" dog.

Halloween Costume Update

Everyone came to our Halloween Costume Workshop with lots of energy and ready do work.  It's so easy to teach students who want to learn!!

Fairy costume ready to be cut out.Dorothy costume being pinned.Poodle skirt waistband and ties being made.Vampire cape lining finished!!!Ooops!  A little ripping going on - no worries!!  All is well now!Ironing that hugely long waistband!Sewing on her dinosaur costume.

Everyone made such huge progress on their costumes!  I am so proud of them!

Halloween Costume Workshop

We had our first of three sessions for the Halloween Costume Workshop!!  Our students have some great ideas and started on their projects.4th grader.

We cut out patterns - this one is for a fairy.

4th grader.

We pinned them to our fabric - this will be a vampire.

5th grader.

This will be Rainbow Dash.

5th grader.

We cut our fabric - this will be a poodle skirt.

3rd grader.

We even got some sewing done - this will be a dinosaur.

5th grader.

Poodle skirt sewing.

All in all a great session and some fabulous costumes taking place!

Sewing and Knitting Class

It's time for another class of sewing and knitting and I haven't even posted from last week!!  So many good things to come from Let's Go Crafting.  A Halloween Workshop is being offered - I can't wait to see what each student comes up with!  American Girl Clothing workshops, Holiday Ornament workshops and more to come.But...let me get to the important stuff for now!  What went on in last week's classes?Collaborating.Cutting of new projects.Fabric selection and pinning.More cutting.Sewing.More sewing - this is the insertion of a zipper.Chattin' and knittin'More knitting.Part of a finished bow.Casting on.Almost done!Spool knitting at break time.A spool knitted bracelet!

Amazing Projects To The Very End!

Campers were working hard today to finish their projects!  Those that had finished yesterday, started new projects and most of them finished as well!

Starting a new project.4th grader mini puppy.3rd grader pieced pillow.6th grader "Spot" dog.4th grader "Spot" dog.4th grader bunny.4th grader pillow.5th grader blanket.4th grader bunny.4th grader mini bunny (palm sized)5th grader bunny.3rd grader bunny.4th grader bean bag."Kate" the dog.

Even Kate made an appearance today!  She was sleeping so peacefully, but one of the campers felt she might be a little cold so they gave her a "blanket".

This was our last class for the summer.  Stay tuned for our fall class schedule!