Weaving Camp is Here!

Today was our first day of weaving camp this week.  It's always fun to see new weaving students learning and enjoying themselves at the loom.

4th grader weaving.4th grader weaving.4th grader weaving.

It's also great fun to have students come back for another session.  This time I created an Intermediate Weaving Sampler Pattern for two repeat campers.IMG_2549

3rd grader sampler.4th grader sampler.

We worked hard for the first half of camp and then took a short break to eat snack and play with the chickens.

Chicken play."Short Wing""Sassafrass"

After our break we  dyed some yarn.  This time we made dye baths with food coloring.

Food Color Dye baths.

Each camper filled three jars with water and chose their food color for each one.  Then they placed each end of the hank of yarn into one of the jars and the middle of the hank into the middle jar.

Food Color Dye bath.

It's fun to see which colors each camper chooses.

Food Color Dye bath.

It will be even more fun to see how the yarns turn out!

Gift yarn!  YEAH!!

A friend of mine gave me some of her left over yarn.  Isn't it so pretty?!

Gift yarn being used.

Well most of the campers felt the same way and wanted to use it in their weaving.  This yarn weaves up so nicely!

Gift yarn being wound onto a shuttle.

Gift yarn getting ready to be used as weft.IMG_2553

See how pretty it looks in this project?!  LOVE IT!  Thanks so much, Margaret!