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Knitting and Crochet

I am continually amazed at what our students can do - and WANT to do.  I am so lucky to be able to teach to students who truly are engaged and excited about their art.  We do so much knitting and crochet (that is what this class is all about!), but we also do so many other things.Almost done!

Making a small wallet.

Working on her stuffed animal

Learning to read patterns with notations like:  K2tog and kfb - not an easy task!

Scarf making.

It takes a long time to make a scarf.

Starting the circle weaving project.I was inspired by an art teacher named Cassis Stephens.  She taught this circle weaving class to her students. It looked like so much fun that I decided to bring it to our students.Painting our backgrounds.Our bases look like this.Finishing up.Finished base.

Aren't the bases for our circle weaving beautiful!  Just wait until they add the details and then some weaving to them.

Hop scotch today for break.

These students really love to play hopscotch.  It appears that this is an "old time" game because while they knew some of the basics, they really didn't know how to play.  I happily taught them the rules and away they went.

They LOVE hopscotch!

Sometimes, they are having so much fun, it is hard to get them to stop playing and come back to knit or crochet.

4th grade crochet headband.Loom knitting.

We don't always knit with knitting needles.  This student brought her knitting loom to class to work on.

Close up for stitch detail - Lovely!Spool knitting.

Spool knitting continues to be a huge hit.

Weaving boards - for bookmarks.

I made these weaving boards for noon art and held back a few for knitting class.  They make perfect bookmarks after being taken off the board!  The best part?  These boards can be used over and over again and are made with recycled (cereal boxes) cardboard.

Making a cowl on circular needles.

REALLY?  A 10 year old knitting on circular needles?!  Yes!

More spool knittin.More knitting.Starting a new project.WOO HOO!!  The head is done!Now the start of the beak.More weaving boards.IMG_4183 IMG_4182Adding details to our circle weaving backgrounds.IMG_4185Details being added.Hearts!Lots of color and lots of detials!

I can't wait until the bases are finished so that they can start the warping and weaving!

Sewing and Weaving

I am so excited about what has been going on in the sewing studio lately!!  We have had many finishes:

6th grader blouse front.6th grader blouse back.

These shirts are quite complicated.  They are not "kid" patterns, they are real patterns.  The front of the bodice is totally lined and has interfacing in it.  There are pleats - both front and back and it is sewn on knit fabric.  Job Well Done!

3rd grader puppy.

This little puppy is done completely by hand!  Isn't he cute?!

3rd grader woven scarf.

He wove this scarf for his mom!

4th grader blouse front.4th grader blouse back.

These blouses are coming out so lovely.  Lots of hard work and lots of time go into these.  Great work!

4th grader bag.The bag in use.

This bag posed it's own set of difficulties for this student.  She chose some gorgeous fabric, but it is a very fluffy fleece and is very hard to sew on.  But she persevered and it turned out beautifully!


Celebrating her blouse finish.

Starting on a new project.Almost done!Learning to weave.

Another weaver!

Another blouse almost done!Finishing up a scarf for her mom.Our current class.

They were taking a little break and I was able to capture them - such a happy crowd.

Sewing Classes

We are having a great time in sewing!  Each week our students work on their different projects - either starting something new, working on an ongoing project, or finishing up something.  What we have now added is weaving for those that are interested!

4th grade weaver.

This student is a very accomplished sewer.  He has been sewing with Let's Go Crafting for quite awhile now - he also sews at home.  What he really wanted to learn was weaving - so we brought out one of our student looms and got him set up to make a scarf.  Now he is weaving like a champ!  I can't wait to show you the finished scarf - he has chosen such bright, fun yarn that I know this scarf is going to be lovely.

4th grade infinity scarf.

This student came to class this week with the idea to make an infinity scarf.  She thought it out, designed it and made it all in one class!  Beautiful!

Cutting fabric and hand sewing.

Two students working on different projects, but together.

Working and chatting.

One of the things that I LOVE about our classes is that they foster friendship and camaraderie.  The kids are all very supportive and helpful to each other - they share their thoughts, their ups and their downs.  The atmosphere created here is wonderful for their social and emotional growth.

American Girl Doll sleeping bag in process.Hand sewing.

Please also note the hat she is wearing.  She knit that hat in the round.  The fit is perfect and keeps her warm on these chilly mornings.

Heart pillows!Working on fabric selection.Shirt yoke being fine tuned.Sewing.4th grader shorts.Sewing.And  more sewing!4th grader working on her shirt.

Let's see what the kids have in store for us next week!

November Knitting

Our last class in November was a complete hoot!  Everyone had so much fun!

Spool KnittingMore spool knitting.

We had lots of spool knitting.  I remember enjoying this so much as a kid, but was unsure of how it would be received by my students.  Well, I should not have been worried, they love it!  I can't wait to show them some of the animals that I have created with spool knitted strings!

Bear leg.

We had the completion of a stuffed bear leg and also the start of the torso - this student is well on her way to having a finished project!

Scarf start.

This student wanted to try something a little different - she chose to knit a scarf with sock yarn and US#1 needles.  Boy is she brave!!  I love knitting on the smaller needles with fine yarn, but it does take a bit longer than if larger needles and yarn were being used.  It sure is pretty though!

Finger weaving.

We also had finger weaving.

Scarf model.

My daughter showed up and was immediately put to work by this student.  This student is making a finger weave scarf and wanted to know if it was long enough so she asked my daughter to model it to check length.  Looks good to me!

More crochet.

This student is really good at knitting and wanted to learn crochet.  You know her from her crocheted shoe laces from last time, well she is now making a hair tie to learn sc and practice the tension on her chain stitches.  She is doing a great job!

MORE finger weaving.

The scarf in one of the previous pictures, can double as a jumprope!

Finger weaving.

Did you know you can finger weave off of both ends of the ball of yarn??  Neither did I!!


Today was fantastic!  Everyone finished their first project and started a new one.

New warp being measured.

Our first warp of the day was measured and shortly after this picture was taken, it was wound onto the loom, threaded and the weaving started.

Danish Medallions

Danish Medallions are a big hit and very popular - they are not that difficult to do and they give a big "pop" on the fabric.

4th grader scarf.

Our first finish of the day!  Yeah!!

Measuring warp.

Of course, after a finished project, there is a need to start a new one :o)  Here she is almost done measuring the warp.

Even Weave and Pile Stitch.

And here is her work a little later. She is experimenting with color and texture.

Intermediate Sampler.

This actually came off the loom yesterday, but still needed some finishing touches which were completed this morning.

Pick-up stick texture.

I had to take some pictures of the different patterns she wove.  They are simply gorgeous - sorry for the blurry pictures, she was so excited she couldn't keep still :o)

Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick texture.Twill on the rigid heddle loom.

I just had to show the intricate patterns on her piece of fabric!

Measuring warp.

Since that piece of beautiful fabric will be turned into an over the shoulder bag, it needs a shoulder strap.  This camper chose some very colorful yarn for her warp.

All tied on.The weaving has begun.

This is her weaving so far.  Some even weave, some beaded danish medallions and some leno lace which you cannot see in this picture.  I believe the strap is going to be as beautiful as the bag!

Hem stitching.

This is the other student who was working on the sampler project.  She has finished the weaving and is working on her hem stitching.

Cutting off the warp.

She was very excited to cut her project off of the loom.

3rd grader table runner.

Here is her project in all it's glory!!  Instead of sewing it into something, she has chosen to use this as a table runner.  I think that's a fabulous use of this beautiful piece of handiwork.

Close up of one of the pick-up stick sections.

I just had to include a close up of this section.  Using a pick up stick and following a pattern on a rigid heddle loom is time consuming and required great concentration - Both students were up to the task.  Job Well Done!!

4th grader scarf.

Another scarf was finished today!  Look how lovely it turned out!

Tying the warp onto the apron stick.

This student finished her scarf yesterday and is working on getting her loom re-warped for her second project.  She is actually quite a bit farther along now and has actually started her weaving.

Almost there!

Working on his danish medallions.

Hem stitching.

You can see that he has done several rows of danish medallions and a row of pile stitch.  Now just to finish his hem stitching on both ends and he will be done with his second project.

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

Those colors on white just look so yummy and happy!

Tying onto the apron rod.

And another student almost ready to start weaving.

Beautiful Finishes and Starts

We had a fabulous weaving day!!

Hem Stitching.

This camper started the day out with some beautiful hem stitching.  I am amazed at this group of campers!!  Their hem stitching is really great.

Weaving Twill.

This third grader is working on the twill pattern for her sampler.  On the rigid heddle loom, this requires great concentration.

Cutting a project off the loom.

The weaving and hem stitching is done!!  Time to remove the project from the loom.

Cutting off of the loom.

Another project being cut off the loom!  Exciting times.

Hem Stitch.

The hem stitching on one side of this camper's project is done and now she is hem stitching the other side.

Pulling out waste yarn.

Woo Hoo!!  The sampler is done!  Now to pull out the waste yarn at the beginning of her project and to hem stitch.  Then this part of her project will be complete.

New Warp.

A camper from yesterday finished his project and is now measuring the warp for his second project.  I love the colors he has chosen!!

4th grader scarf.

Our first finish of the day and isn't it lovely?!!  The colors are so fun and bright!!

4th grader scarf.

Another fun finish!  This camper is so proud of her scarf!

Another Fun, Fun Day of Weaving!

We had our first finished project for this week of camp!

3rd grader scarf.

It is always such a thrill to cut your first project off the loom!!

3rd grader scarf.

I make sure that the warp is long enough to make a scarf that will wrap around the neck and keep them warm.  Isn't this such a nice scarf?

Lots of weaving.

All of the campers are super excited each day when they come to camp.  They start their weaving right away.


Our resident furry "helper".  Notice that her leg is actually THROUGH the warp.

Lots of attention!

Of course Tux knows that if she is being cute, she will get lots of love from our students :o)

Checking out our dye baths at snack time.

The first thing the campers did at snack was to check out their yarn.  I asked them to eat before they took the yarns out.


After snack the chickens had to be played with for a bit.

"Short Wing"

This chick really loves this camper.  He's the only one she will sit on quietly.

Taking the yarns from the dye bath.

Now we were able to see exactly how our yarn hanks turned out.

Wringing them.

We had to wring them out a little so they would dry faster.


Here they all are, just drying in the sun this afternoon.  Tomorrow our campers will wind these into balls and weave with them if they choose.

Almost there!

Another camper is almost done with her scarf.  Here she is learning how to use the hem stitch in order to get a really nice finish.

Weaving Camp is Here!

Today was our first day of weaving camp this week.  It's always fun to see new weaving students learning and enjoying themselves at the loom.

4th grader weaving.4th grader weaving.4th grader weaving.

It's also great fun to have students come back for another session.  This time I created an Intermediate Weaving Sampler Pattern for two repeat campers.IMG_2549

3rd grader sampler.4th grader sampler.

We worked hard for the first half of camp and then took a short break to eat snack and play with the chickens.

Chicken play."Short Wing""Sassafrass"

After our break we  dyed some yarn.  This time we made dye baths with food coloring.

Food Color Dye baths.

Each camper filled three jars with water and chose their food color for each one.  Then they placed each end of the hank of yarn into one of the jars and the middle of the hank into the middle jar.

Food Color Dye bath.

It's fun to see which colors each camper chooses.

Food Color Dye bath.

It will be even more fun to see how the yarns turn out!

Gift yarn!  YEAH!!

A friend of mine gave me some of her left over yarn.  Isn't it so pretty?!

Gift yarn being used.

Well most of the campers felt the same way and wanted to use it in their weaving.  This yarn weaves up so nicely!

Gift yarn being wound onto a shuttle.

Gift yarn getting ready to be used as weft.IMG_2553

See how pretty it looks in this project?!  LOVE IT!  Thanks so much, Margaret!

Knitting Camp Wrap Up

Lots of finished projects today!!

4th grader headband.Side view of headband.Finishing up knitting.Working on new projects.

Usually I try to have our students finish their projects before class ends for the week.  In the case of these two, they had finished their first projects and since they are coming back for more camps and wanted to knit more, I had them pick yarn and start something new.

3rd grader wrist warmers.3rd grader wrist warmers.

These third graders worked so hard to finish their wrist warmers today.  Great job girls!

Campers working together.Pin Weaving.The start of a hat being knit in the round by a 4th grader.The start of a colorful scarf by a 4th grader.Finishing some pin weaving.Pin weaving.Pin weaving.Pin weaving.

Knitting camp is done for this week - I am sad to see these campers leave - they are such great students and work so well together!

Knitting Camp!!

We started knitting camp today!

Knitting Camp.

Yarn and projects were chosen.

Knitting Camp.

And we got started right away.

4th grade knitter.9th grade knitter.3rd grade knitter.3rd grade knitter.

Everyone had such great concentration!

Yarn girls, boys and octopi.

We took our break about half way through the morning and then created these cute little fellows!!

9th grade scarf.

This 9th grader had been working on a scarf prior to class and finished it in class this morning.  Tomorrow will be another great day!

Weaving Camp

Everyone finished their final projects today!  Woohoo!  Job well done!

5th grade weaving.

This was the first project of the day off the loom!  The hem stitching is done - now this camper wanted to turn it into a pillow.


But first she wanted to embroider her name on it.  What a great personal touch!

5th grade woven pillow.

All done!!  This is such a fantastic pillow - the fabric was completely woven by her, embellishment added, and hand sewn together.  Simply a great job!

Addition of beads.

A scarf that had been previously finished, needed the addition of beads to the end.

Addition of beads.

Actually, it needed the addition of beads to both ends!

7th grade updated scarf.

Ahh!  Now the scarf is complete!

Working on danish medallions.

This camper worked so hard today to finish her weaving.

Finishing the weaving.

And so did this camper.

Starting a pin weaving project.

Once, this student's pillow was done, there was not time to warp up another project on the loom.  So...we made a little pin loom so she could do some pin weaving.

3rd grader mat.

Ta-Da!  Another mat hot off the loom!

4th grader pillow.

Success!!  A finished pillow!  Look at those specialty stitches - they are quite time consuming as they require the manipulation of the loom threads entirely by hand.  Great Job, Weavers!!

Mid-Week Weaving Update

WOO-HOO!!  Today everyone finished their first project!

3rd grader scarf.

Our first finish of the day!

11th grader scarf.

The second finish of the day!

All warped up and started on a new project.Almost done.Pile weave and danish medalions.

New weaver experimenting with different weaving stitches.  The pile weave and some danish medallions are being done here.

Break time!5th grader danish medalions.3rd grader threading the heddles.

This student is preparing her loom for her next project.

Hem stitching.Putting on the finishing touches.4th grader scarf.

TAAA-DAA  That is such a beautiful scarf!!  So many lovely colors!

7th grader scarf.

And another lovely, colorful scarf!!  By the end of camp tomorrow everyone will have started their next project.  Yeah!

Finishes and Starts

Take a look at the beautiful things our students are making!

Learning to hem stitch.

A few campers finished their weaving this morning and started the finishing process.  Here this student is learning how to hem stitch.

6th grader working on her scarf.

This student completed all her finish work and then decided to sew her scarf in half to turn it into a skinny scarf.

6th grader scarf.

Isn't this scarf lovely?!

6th grader measuring warp.

The same student immediately wanted to start her next project.  She picked her warp and started measuring it out.

5th grader hem stitching her scarf.

Another student finished all her weaving and started the hem stitching.

3rd grader hem stitching her scarf.

More hem stitching.  These students should be so proud of themselves!

Camper taking her break with our new little chicks.

Of course we had break time and our new baby chicks were enjoying some play time.

6th grader threading her heddles.

Back to work and the measuring of the warp was finished, then it was wound onto the back beam. Now it is time to thread the heddle.

Beautiful weaving!

This scarf is just about done!!  Tomorrow the weaving will be completed and the finish work will start.

Winding up her yarn.

After break, we took our dyed yarn and started winding it into balls.

Hand dyed yarn.

This is what it looks like after it has been dyed but before we wind it.

Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.

Don't you just love how different each one turned out?

5th grader Beautiful scarf finish.5th grader starting to warp her 2nd project.

After finishing the scarf, it was time to start a new project.  So it was time to learn how to measure warp.

New warp finished.

The first warp is all tied on and the waste yarn has been woven.  New weft yarn has been chosen and the real weaving will begin tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what these campers will be up to tomorrow morning.

First Day of Weaving Camp!

I always love the first day of a camp where students meet each other and they begin learning a new fun skill!!  None of the campers (except for one) had ever done any weaving before today.

Starting the weaving process with waste yarn.

But they all took to it very quickly.  In this picture, you see two of the students weaving with waste yarn.  We always start a project with waste yarn and soon move into the more fun and colorful yarns.

Having fun!

All of the campers got quite far on their scarves today.

Yarn dyeing.

After break time today, we learned how to dye yarn.  They had all different colors to choose from and it will be so fun to see what their yarn looks like when it is dry.

Starting to dye yarn.Applying the dye to the yarn.

Don't you just love those stylish aprons?!!  They have to wear aprons because the dye will stain clothing.  I made these out of trash bags :o)

3rd grader weaving.

Look at that bright, yummy yarn!  I really like the contrast with the dark colored warp.

6th grader finishing her scarf.

One of our students finished weaving her scarf today.  Woo Hoo!!  She hem stitched and finished the other end and now she just needs to finish up this end.  Tomorrow she will learn to warp and also learn some specialty stitches along with some beading if she wishes.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The last two days of camp have been so much fun!  All campers have completed at least two projects.  I am so proud of all of them!

7th grader Robe

This is a big, huge TAA - DAA moment for this 7th grader.  She finished her robe and it is simply beautiful!  The workmanship is very professional-it took a long time and a lot of work, but it was well worth it!

Back of robe.Back of Collar - beautiful.

Look at that neat and even stitching!

Front of Collar.

This is a project to be proud of!

4th grader bat stuffie.

Then we have this super cute bat stuffie.  One of the things that makes this so fun and special is the fact that there are pipe cleaners inserted into channels in the wings making them posable.

7th grader Pieced Quilt.

This camper worked hard selecting just the right fabrics for her quilt and for her backing.  Such a great job!

Robe for a stuffed piggie.

This camper brought in her favorite stuffie and wanted to make an article of clothing.  Without a pattern, she decided to make a robe.

Little Piggie Robe.

It's just sooo cute!!  And it fits perfectly!

4th grader bean bag.4th grader apron.2nd grader backpack.

This 7 year old worked really hard on her backpack.  She has no prior sewing experience and it turned out really well.  Can you tell she is thrilled!!

Backpack.2nd grader backpack.

Another young camper with no prior sewing experience finishes a backpack in no time.  Great job!

Backpack.4th grader pillow.7th grader Summer Scarf7th grader pillow.

This 7th grader made this pillow for her grandparents - it is a special food item that they love.  Isn't that sweet?

7th grader pillow.5th grader jammie pants.

O.K.  I have to admit that I simply love these jammies.  I have been wanting one of my students to make some jammie pants since I started teaching sewing.  Now they have been made and they are as cute as I had envisioned them - maybe cuter because of the fabric that was chosen!

5th grader jammie pants.

They have these perfect little pockets on the sides - Gotta love the contrasting fabric!

The Weaving Continues!

Today was a day of finishes.  All scarves were finished and most of the campers learned how to warp their own looms.  Oh, Yeah!!

5th grader cutting off her scarf.

There was lots of nerve racking cutting of the warp this morning in camp.

2nd grader cutting the warp.

Of course, when there is cutting of warp, there is the finishing of a project.

5th grade woven scarf.6th grade woven scarf. 6th grade woven scarf. 6th grade woven scarf. Warping new projects.

Once a project is finished, it is completely necessary to begin a new one!

More warping.

All but one of the campers at least started warping their looms today in order to start the next project.

3rd grade scarf. 2nd grade scarf.

Such lovely scarves have been created and all the campers were so happy with them!


Scarves Already!

I simply cannot believe it!  These campers are so fun!  We have one totally completed scarf and several in the final stages.

6th grader with her finished weaving.

This camper was so glad when she finished her warp!

Hem Stitch.

After the weaving is finished , there are several other steps before you actually have a finished project.  The first of these steps is the hem stitch.  This stitch adds a very nice finishing touch to your woven piece.

Knotting the fringe.

Once the hem stitching is done on both ends, then the knotting of the fringe can begin.IMG_0332The last piece is to cut the fringe even.  For this project, we cut the fringe at 5 inches.  Isn't that a lovely scarf?!

6th grader Cutting the warp.

Another scarf being cut off a loom.

6th grader cutting her warp.

And another...IMG_0335And another.  The others are not far behind.  I envision some warping ahead of these new weavers!