More Halloween Costumes!!

Our students sure worked hard on their costumes during the Halloween Costume Workshop!!

5th grade poodle skirt.

Look at this fabulous poodle skirt!!

Close up of detail on skirt.

Isn't her "poodle" just too cute?!  I love the collar she chose for it - those are little pearls.

2nd grader dinosaur costume.

This student was so thrilled with her costume!!  Look at her tail - it is totally detachable so that she can easily get into and out of this costume all by herself.

Alligator Mask.

Just look at her mask - too cute!

My daughter and I working on her costume.

My daughter was not quite as ambitious as some of my students, but she decided to alter an existing costume that we already had.  We hand sewed red patches underneath holes that she had cut into the fabric.

7th grader sewing.

She has asked me not to share until after Halloween so you will have to wait for the big reveal then.