Sewing Camp!

This session of sewing camp is pretty interesting.  There are only three new students, the rest of our students have all been with us previously.

3rd grader pillow.

Take this camper, she was with us the last session and came to camp yesterday wanting to make a pillow right off the bat.  She quickly finished her pillow and then started a quilt.

Working on projects together.

Some of the new campers worked on hand sewing while another one (who has lots of sewing experience) started laying out fabrics to make a quilt.

Quilt in progress.

Quilts seemed to be the order of the day!

Happily sewing away.

It is so nice to see these campers having so much fun!

8th grade quilt project.

I love the fabrics this camper chose for her quilt.  This is the layout she decided upon after careful thought.

5th grader sewing.

I had to post this next project because it is very impressive for several reasons.  The first being this camper has only taken one week of sewing camp and had minimal sewing experience prior to this.

Apron pocket by 5th grader.

Second, she chose to make something that is quite complicated.  There are many steps and a whole lot of skills necessary in order to make this project.  We picked a pattern - she cut out the pattern - pinned it to the fabric learning about straight of grain, fold line, notches etc.  Even just putting this pocket together had many steps which she completed very well.  Just look at those hems on all sides.

Apron gathers.Then lastly, she had to gather the skirt of the apron to fit to the bodice of the apron.  No simple task!!  This kind of work takes time and patience.  Didn't she do a great job!