And the fun continues in Arts 'n Crafts Camp!

We are in process with several different projects right now.  But never fear!  We will finish everything up by Friday.IMG_0165First we paper mached the small bowl.  After is was dry and trimmed, we glued it to the big bowl.IMG_0150We put several layers of paper mache on the bowls.  We used two sizes of bowls to create a pedestal bowl.  Once the paper mache was dry, it was time to trim the edges and make our last adjustments and "fixes" before painting.IMG_0168Then we glued the bowls together and paper mached the join to hide it.  Now, after it's dry, it's ready to paint.IMG_0154We moved on to painting pots.  These pots, after painting, will be decoupaged with fun images.  They will be perfect colorful additions to any garden!IMG_0161The campers really enjoyed painting.

5th grade painted pot.

This one looks like a gift!IMG_0162Sorry the picture is so blurry, but I had to include it - doesn't this camper look so happy??  And isn't her pot beautiful?!IMG_0164This one contained a LOT of detail.IMG_0156After painting the pots, we started our glue oil pastel drawings.  This is the first step.  The campers drew a picture of anything they wanted on a piece of cardboard.  Then we followed the outline of the drawing with a thick bead of glue.  Once it dries we can use our oil pastel crayons to color and blend our pictures.IMG_0157The picture on the lower right is pretty interesting.  This camper plans to use a combination of the oil pastels along with adding some details in ink.  I can't wait to see how this one turns out.IMG_0171Last, but definitely not least, we worked on these yarn octopi.  I hadn't planned on doing these with the campers, but they saw the ones on the counter from our crochet class in the morning and really wanted to make some - so of course I had to say yes!  They had so much fun with these!