Scarves Already!

I simply cannot believe it!  These campers are so fun!  We have one totally completed scarf and several in the final stages.

6th grader with her finished weaving.

This camper was so glad when she finished her warp!

Hem Stitch.

After the weaving is finished , there are several other steps before you actually have a finished project.  The first of these steps is the hem stitch.  This stitch adds a very nice finishing touch to your woven piece.

Knotting the fringe.

Once the hem stitching is done on both ends, then the knotting of the fringe can begin.IMG_0332The last piece is to cut the fringe even.  For this project, we cut the fringe at 5 inches.  Isn't that a lovely scarf?!

6th grader Cutting the warp.

Another scarf being cut off a loom.

6th grader cutting her warp.

And another...IMG_0335And another.  The others are not far behind.  I envision some warping ahead of these new weavers!