New Sewing Happenings!!

Our new classes for this school year are up and running and full of excitement!

Lots of great sewing going on here!

New sewers always start with a simple project to learn how to control the sewing machine - not an easy task - just ask them!! Controlling the speed is one of the hardest skills to master at first.Making a pattern for a long skirt.After the patterns are made, we can begin cutting fabric.2nd grader sewing.Turning the edges in on the headband and adding elastic.Let me it working correctly?3rd grader deciding how to put her quilt together.Making the border for a pillow case.Ironing, ironing, ironing.5th grader finished stuffed bunny.2nd grader headband.As you can see, we are having a blast in sewing class!! Stay tuned to see what these students come up with next time!