Knitting Classes are a huge hit!

The new session of knitting has started and everyone is having a great time.  I just love how excited each student is about their own projects as well as those of their friends.

The knitting gang.

We meet at the picnic tables outside of the classrooms.  The fresh air is so nice!

Knitting friends.

Sometimes the tabletop is the perfect place to knit.

Contemplating a pattern.

What shall we make now?  There is a lot of teamwork and discussion that goes along with this class.  I love how they all work together and help each other out.

3rd grader "working" hard!3rd grader with his finished bag.

This student worked so hard and his bag came out really well!

What to make next...hmm...a fish toy for his cat.

Once this student was done with is first project, he decided that he wanted to make a toy for his  cat.  He had no problem with the increase and decrease stitches that he needed to learn to complete it.  Mind you, he had never done these before and he picked it up very quickly - so quickly in fact, that he finished this in just one week!  Now he is working on a scarf - pictures to come.

Crocheted scarf by 3rd grader.

This 3rd grade student is very talented in many different fiber related techniques.  She just finished a crocheted scarf and started a new one.  It's amazing to me how easy it is for these kids to learn these different crafts!

Is it a stuffed toy or a hat?

So....this 2nd grade student started out making a stuffed toy.  She knit away and then cast off.  Once she had sewn up the first side, she put it on her head and a new creation was born.

It's a monster hat!

Aftern the pom poms and buttons were added, then a mouth, the decision was made!!  Her knitted project became a hat.  But, all good monsters need a nose so one had to be sewn on.  What a fabulous first project!  Next up for this 2nd grader is a knitted bear!