Sewing, Sewing and more Sewing!

We are really busy in our sewing classes!!

5th grade pillow case.

We have been finishing up projects.  This is a pillow case made by a 5th grader.

Fixing a seam.

This third grader planned, cut and pieced this patchwork pillow all by himself.  Here he is fixing a wayward seam.  He has learned how to make invisible stitches to mend.

3rd grade patchwork pillow.

The completed pillow - isn't it gorgeous?!

3rd grade sachet.

Look at that proud face!  This student did such a great job on this sachet.  All students start with this project so that they can learn how to sew  straight seams that are equidistant from the raw edges and they also get used to the machines  they will be working with.  They learn what the right side and the wrong side of the fabric means, they learn how to use an iron, how to make invisible stitches to close it up and to sew on a button.  This looks like a very simple project, but in fact, it has a lot of specific skills that the students use for future creations.

2nd grade backpack.

This 2nd grader picked such cute fabric for her backpack.  This is only her second sewing project ever!

2nd grade back pack.

It fits perfectly!

3rd grade fleece blanket.

This student loves the color orange and was so excited to discover orange fleece in my stash of fabrics for the students.  Fleece is not an easy fabric to sew on, but he persevered and was very successful.

3rd grade patchwork pillow

Another lovely patchwork pillow.  These seem to be so popular.  The students love to go through all the fabrics to pick just the right ones that appeal to them.

A very comfortable place to "work".

The couch is a very inviting place for students to do their hand sewing and seam ripping.  Sometimes you can find many of them sewing (or ripping!) here, just talking away.

Beautiful, small even stitches by a 3rd grader.

I can't get enough of looking at these stitches.  They are VERY nice!  She will be pleased with this project when she is finished!

2nd grader learning how to place a pattern piece that says, "Place on Fold".

Onto the next project!!

2nd grader cutting the back of her patchwork pillow.

The front of this student's patchwork pillow is complete.  Here she is using the front as a pattern for the back.

2nd grade patchwork pillow.

I just love how each of these pillows is completely different and reflects the individual personalities of each student.

3rd grade pouch.3rd grade fleece blanket.

So much fun and so many great projects being created!