New and Continuing Sewing Projects

This past sewing class was super busy!  Lots of students making great progress on their projects.

Zipper pouch coming along.

The student working on this is doing a fabulous job.  She has cut all the felt pieces herself and is just about done with the applique portion of the face.  Next up - inserting a zipper!!

Owl pillow just about complete.

This 1st grade student will finish her owl pillow in the next lesson.  We shall see what she wants to create after that.

Butterfly pillow just about done.

Just one more wing, some antenna, and then stuffing.

Head of a teeny tiny felt bunny.

This 3rd grade student wanted to make a really tiny little stuffed bunny.  The smaller they are the harder they are to put together.  This one is done totally by hand and his stitches are superb!

Body of the teeny tiny bunny - almost ready to attach the head.

I can't wait to see this project completed!

Pillow case.

2nd grade pillow case.  I just love the fabric choices!!  The zebra fabric is fleece and is so soft.

Start of a really BIG dog stuffed animal.This is a really fun pattern to make.  Over the summer in camp, several students made this one.  The original pattern is for a smaller stuffed animal, but I enlarged it 200% so that it is pretty big.  The kids seem to like it much better :o)Start of a new drawstring backpack. Owl pillow start.

This coming week's class will be super fun!!  There will be lots of finishing of projects and lots of new projects started.  I can't wait to see what everyone will choose!