Amazing Sewing Today

Today was a really amazing day in sewing class!

Fleece Owl

This super cute fleece owl was finished.  Don't you just love that zebra print fleece?!

Cute earrings!

Do you see those cute earrings?  This student made these tassels out of embroidery floss to embellish her stuffed animal.

Working hard :o)

This student is working hard to finish her project.

2nd grade pillow case!And she was sooo successful!  I hope she has a chance to use it tonight.  Notice the zebra print again - boy this is a popular print.  I must remember to get some more soon for these creative kids.7th grader-drawstring backpack

Preparing the outer layer for her drawstring backpack.IMG_0809

After sewing up the seams, ironing is needed to keep everything looking neat and pretty.

Handsewing together.

Working on handwork together makes it more enjoyable.

Cutting out the head of his latest project.

I love this flannel print.  His stuffed dog is going to be so soft and cuddly!

The best place to work is outside!