Finishes and Starts

Take a look at the beautiful things our students are making!

Learning to hem stitch.

A few campers finished their weaving this morning and started the finishing process.  Here this student is learning how to hem stitch.

6th grader working on her scarf.

This student completed all her finish work and then decided to sew her scarf in half to turn it into a skinny scarf.

6th grader scarf.

Isn't this scarf lovely?!

6th grader measuring warp.

The same student immediately wanted to start her next project.  She picked her warp and started measuring it out.

5th grader hem stitching her scarf.

Another student finished all her weaving and started the hem stitching.

3rd grader hem stitching her scarf.

More hem stitching.  These students should be so proud of themselves!

Camper taking her break with our new little chicks.

Of course we had break time and our new baby chicks were enjoying some play time.

6th grader threading her heddles.

Back to work and the measuring of the warp was finished, then it was wound onto the back beam. Now it is time to thread the heddle.

Beautiful weaving!

This scarf is just about done!!  Tomorrow the weaving will be completed and the finish work will start.

Winding up her yarn.

After break, we took our dyed yarn and started winding it into balls.

Hand dyed yarn.

This is what it looks like after it has been dyed but before we wind it.

Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.Hand dyed yarn.

Don't you just love how different each one turned out?

5th grader Beautiful scarf finish.5th grader starting to warp her 2nd project.

After finishing the scarf, it was time to start a new project.  So it was time to learn how to measure warp.

New warp finished.

The first warp is all tied on and the waste yarn has been woven.  New weft yarn has been chosen and the real weaving will begin tomorrow.  Can't wait to see what these campers will be up to tomorrow morning.