Weaving Camp

Everyone finished their final projects today!  Woohoo!  Job well done!

5th grade weaving.

This was the first project of the day off the loom!  The hem stitching is done - now this camper wanted to turn it into a pillow.


But first she wanted to embroider her name on it.  What a great personal touch!

5th grade woven pillow.

All done!!  This is such a fantastic pillow - the fabric was completely woven by her, embellishment added, and hand sewn together.  Simply a great job!

Addition of beads.

A scarf that had been previously finished, needed the addition of beads to the end.

Addition of beads.

Actually, it needed the addition of beads to both ends!

7th grade updated scarf.

Ahh!  Now the scarf is complete!

Working on danish medallions.

This camper worked so hard today to finish her weaving.

Finishing the weaving.

And so did this camper.

Starting a pin weaving project.

Once, this student's pillow was done, there was not time to warp up another project on the loom.  So...we made a little pin loom so she could do some pin weaving.

3rd grader mat.

Ta-Da!  Another mat hot off the loom!

4th grader pillow.

Success!!  A finished pillow!  Look at those specialty stitches - they are quite time consuming as they require the manipulation of the loom threads entirely by hand.  Great Job, Weavers!!