Finished Projects Galore!

WOW!!  That's all I can say about today!  All the campers worked hard and had a great time finishing up their final projects for the week.Beaded Leno Lace.

We started out the day with several of our student learning new stitch patterns on the looms.  Here we are doing some beaded danish medallions.  She finished her project and it is so very pretty.  I did not get a picture of it and I am very sorry to not be able to share it with you.

More Beaded Danish Medallions.

This piece also has beaded danish medallions, but they are much closer together and give a very different look.

Pile Weave.

This student chose to do sections of even weave interspersed with pile stitch.

Great patterning.

Check out the use of two different colors of thread used in the same shed on this piece.  This very creative camper came up with this on her own!


I always try to take a picture of each piece being cut from the loom because I completely remember how scared I was to cut my first piece off the loom - terrified doesn't even begin to explain it!!  I thought the whole piece would literally explode and come unwoven!  These campers are not worried about it at all - they are completely fearless!!  It totally amazes me each time.

Even Weave and Danish Medallions.

This young weaver only had a day and a half to work on this beautiful piece of fabric because she had to leave early from camp today.  I can't believe how much she accomplished in such a short amount of time - specialty stitches, color changes and enough fabric to use for many things.  I also think her choice of  colors are perfect and stand out so much against the white on this lovely piece!

4th grader placemat.

I can't wait to hear about this camper using his new placemat!!  He came into class knowing exactly what he wanted to make as his second piece and he really did it.  Notice the two colors of warp (the dark blue and the light blue) and the great stripes he achieved from it!  He also incorporated Pile Stitch and Danish Medallions - great job!

Close up of stitch details.Another project being cut off the loom!4th grader fabric.

Look at those bright, sunny, happy colors!  Doesn't it just make you smile to look at it?  I love all the beads - it really takes time and patience to place all of them.

4th grader shoulder bag.

Remember the fabric from yesterday?  The one with the many different patterns?  Well, this camper turned her fabric into an over-the-shoulder bag!  She also wove her own strap and sewed everything together by hand!!  What a lovely piece of wearable art.

4th grader bag strap.

Close up details of the beaded danish medallions on the strap.

VERY even weave.

The strap consists of several rows of beaded medallions and leno lace.  The rest is all even weave and it is very EVEN!!

4th grader mat.

Check out those great colors!  And all that pile stitch!  I can tell you that while creating pile stitch, it is very hard to maintain an even height from the fabric and this camper did an extremely good job at it.  All those rows - and there are quite a few of them! - are all even and beautiful!


Each camper did such a great job this week!!  They learned so much and had such a great time.  The projects that they completed all turned out so beautifully!!