Today was fantastic!  Everyone finished their first project and started a new one.

New warp being measured.

Our first warp of the day was measured and shortly after this picture was taken, it was wound onto the loom, threaded and the weaving started.

Danish Medallions

Danish Medallions are a big hit and very popular - they are not that difficult to do and they give a big "pop" on the fabric.

4th grader scarf.

Our first finish of the day!  Yeah!!

Measuring warp.

Of course, after a finished project, there is a need to start a new one :o)  Here she is almost done measuring the warp.

Even Weave and Pile Stitch.

And here is her work a little later. She is experimenting with color and texture.

Intermediate Sampler.

This actually came off the loom yesterday, but still needed some finishing touches which were completed this morning.

Pick-up stick texture.

I had to take some pictures of the different patterns she wove.  They are simply gorgeous - sorry for the blurry pictures, she was so excited she couldn't keep still :o)

Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick weaving.Pick-up stick texture.Twill on the rigid heddle loom.

I just had to show the intricate patterns on her piece of fabric!

Measuring warp.

Since that piece of beautiful fabric will be turned into an over the shoulder bag, it needs a shoulder strap.  This camper chose some very colorful yarn for her warp.

All tied on.The weaving has begun.

This is her weaving so far.  Some even weave, some beaded danish medallions and some leno lace which you cannot see in this picture.  I believe the strap is going to be as beautiful as the bag!

Hem stitching.

This is the other student who was working on the sampler project.  She has finished the weaving and is working on her hem stitching.

Cutting off the warp.

She was very excited to cut her project off of the loom.

3rd grader table runner.

Here is her project in all it's glory!!  Instead of sewing it into something, she has chosen to use this as a table runner.  I think that's a fabulous use of this beautiful piece of handiwork.

Close up of one of the pick-up stick sections.

I just had to include a close up of this section.  Using a pick up stick and following a pattern on a rigid heddle loom is time consuming and required great concentration - Both students were up to the task.  Job Well Done!!

4th grader scarf.

Another scarf was finished today!  Look how lovely it turned out!

Tying the warp onto the apron stick.

This student finished her scarf yesterday and is working on getting her loom re-warped for her second project.  She is actually quite a bit farther along now and has actually started her weaving.

Almost there!

Working on his danish medallions.

Hem stitching.

You can see that he has done several rows of danish medallions and a row of pile stitch.  Now just to finish his hem stitching on both ends and he will be done with his second project.

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely

Those colors on white just look so yummy and happy!

Tying onto the apron rod.

And another student almost ready to start weaving.