Sewing, Knitting and Weaving!

We are continuing to have so much fun and create so many great items in class!

Getting started in class.

The beginning of class is such a fun time.  The students set out their projects and talk with one another about what they are working on.

Making progress.

Everyone is making such great progress on their projects!

"Cyclops" pom-pom

This pom-pom was not quite complete, but was named "Cyclops".  Isn't that the cutest?  It was finished - another smiley face pom-pom and then gifted to one of the teachers at our school.

One student helping another to crochet.

One of the things that naturally occurs in our classes is an overall sense of helpfulness.  Here it is being demonstrated by one student helping another with her crochet.

The Balloon Game.

At break time we played a game with a balloon.

Don't let the balloon touch the ground.Adding a second balloon.

Once they had accomplished keeping the one balloon in the air, we added a second balloon!!

So proud of this student!

This student went home last week and made herself a tote bag!  With help from her mom, she sewed this up - gotta LOVE it when these creative students have such supportive parents!!

Inside of tote bag.

Check out that cute fabric and the little pocket.

Two more students weaving.

When knitting class is over, it is time for sewing class to begin.  Or is it???  We have two more new weavers in the sewing class!  I am so excited for these students to be able to learn so many fiber skills.

Winding a shuttle and sewing.Cutting interfacing.Stuffing her project.Weaving with ribbon yarn.

I was a little reluctant to let this student weave with ribbon yarn.  Not because it's difficult, but because it is really "fiddly".  Meaning it's a little time consuming to get all the ribbon bits to come out the front of the warp threads.  I shouldn't have worried on bit!!  The fiddly bits do not seem to bother this student at all!  And it looks simply fabulous!

Working on a little zippered pouch.Her shirt is almost done!

These shirts that the kids are making are not all that easy.  These are real patterns with many steps.  The bodice of this shirt is fully lined.  All that is left on it is the arms and the hems!  Great job!