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Halloween Workshops!

I can’t believe that Halloween is actually here. We have had such a great time creating Halloween costumes during Let’s Go Crafting’s Halloween Workshops!!

This student decided to make something for her little brother. A cute little pig romper. How sweet is that?!!

All of these are original ideas! A shark cape - you have to LOVE those teeth and the cute ribbon!

The minion costume pattern was drafted from an old t-shirt as was the yellow skittles costume. Talk about getting a perfect fit! Making clothes from clothes you already own is such a great skill to have!

Four full body suit costumes! Lots of work, but boy did it pay off!

Then we have Totoro - a costume thought up by this student and created here at Let’s Go Crafting!

The panda hoodie is so cute! As is the sushi hat! All original ideas thought up by these students. I really LOVE helping to bring ideas to fruition!!!

Camp Fun!

We always have such a great time in camp!!!

We make sure that each student learns the skills they need to create and finish the projects they dream. Some students made hats with the circle loom.

Other students sewed and made pin cushions and pillows. Students can choose to move across different disciplines as the mood strikes them.

Students wove on rigid heddle looms and frame looms. They made bags with zippers and straps in all shapes and sizes.

Just look at all those fun “pets”!! Notice the added zippers and keychain rings! Those additions are completely new ideas from the students for their pets.

As you can probably tell, our students are simply amazing using their new skills and I can only imagine how far they will take their projects.