Sewing Class

Sewing classes at Let's Go Crafting are always amazing because our students are amazing.  The things that they create and think up are so fabulous!

4th grader finished shorts!

This 4th grader finished his shorts today!

5th grader sewing a knit top.

Working with knit fabric is not an easy thing to do, but this 5th grader is making great progress.

4th grader sewing shorts.

Once this student saw his classmate making some shorts, he knew he also needed a pair!

Group of sewers hand sewing.

These students are working together on their projects.  They are all at a point where there is some hand sewing and it's just so much more fun to do this and chat at the same time.

4th grader "E" pillow.

Another letter pillow for this student.  She is making her name in pillows and says she wants to hang them on her wall.  Hopefully she'll let me take a picture of all of them when they are hung - I'm sure that will be a focal point of her room!

November Knitting

Our last class in November was a complete hoot!  Everyone had so much fun!

Spool KnittingMore spool knitting.

We had lots of spool knitting.  I remember enjoying this so much as a kid, but was unsure of how it would be received by my students.  Well, I should not have been worried, they love it!  I can't wait to show them some of the animals that I have created with spool knitted strings!

Bear leg.

We had the completion of a stuffed bear leg and also the start of the torso - this student is well on her way to having a finished project!

Scarf start.

This student wanted to try something a little different - she chose to knit a scarf with sock yarn and US#1 needles.  Boy is she brave!!  I love knitting on the smaller needles with fine yarn, but it does take a bit longer than if larger needles and yarn were being used.  It sure is pretty though!

Finger weaving.

We also had finger weaving.

Scarf model.

My daughter showed up and was immediately put to work by this student.  This student is making a finger weave scarf and wanted to know if it was long enough so she asked my daughter to model it to check length.  Looks good to me!

More crochet.

This student is really good at knitting and wanted to learn crochet.  You know her from her crocheted shoe laces from last time, well she is now making a hair tie to learn sc and practice the tension on her chain stitches.  She is doing a great job!

MORE finger weaving.

The scarf in one of the previous pictures, can double as a jumprope!

Finger weaving.

Did you know you can finger weave off of both ends of the ball of yarn??  Neither did I!!

Hat Sample!

For my classes, for my students, I always try to have interesting projects for them to make.  In order for them to actually see what something will look like, I try to make samples.  Hot off my knitting needles is the Snowflap Hat!IMG_3203

This hat uses the knit stitch and the purl stitch and is completely appropriate for a third project for most students.IMG_3204

Isn't it cute!!  And it  is warm!IMG_3206

Appropriate for both boys and girls as you can see!  If you want more information on this hat go to my personal website:  Connie's Creations.

Knitting Class with some Crochet

This week in knitting class we had a couple of fun finished projects:

3rd grader bag.3rd grader spool knitted bracelet.

We had some sewing going on:

3rd grader sewing up her slippers.

We had the start of new projects:

3rd grader with her own scarf.

And some students who wanted to crochet:

3rd grader learning to crochet.The start of some crocheted shoelaces.Another new crocheter.And another new crocheter!

I think it's so wonderful that these students are so enthusiastic about learning all things yarny!

More Halloween Costumes!!

Our students sure worked hard on their costumes during the Halloween Costume Workshop!!

5th grade poodle skirt.

Look at this fabulous poodle skirt!!

Close up of detail on skirt.

Isn't her "poodle" just too cute?!  I love the collar she chose for it - those are little pearls.

2nd grader dinosaur costume.

This student was so thrilled with her costume!!  Look at her tail - it is totally detachable so that she can easily get into and out of this costume all by herself.

Alligator Mask.

Just look at her mask - too cute!

My daughter and I working on her costume.

My daughter was not quite as ambitious as some of my students, but she decided to alter an existing costume that we already had.  We hand sewed red patches underneath holes that she had cut into the fabric.

7th grader sewing.

She has asked me not to share until after Halloween so you will have to wait for the big reveal then.

Halloween Costumes!!

We had a great session at our most recent Halloween Costume workshop on Sunday!

4th grade dracula!

This student finished his costume and was completely thrilled!!!  Doesn't he look fabulous?!!

Picture of the collar.Close up of the clasp for this cape.

Simply wonderful work for this 4th grader!

3rd grader dinosaur tail

Next up is a third grader who wants to be an alligator.  This is her tail.

Another photo of her alligator tail.

She really did a great job getting all those spikes on her tail!

Alligator cape.

This is the top part of her alligator costume.  This costume is so perfect for the elementary aged child - it is easy on and easy off - and leaves the hands free.  And of course it looks wonderful on her!  At our next session she will make her face mask and be done.  What a great costume!

Weekly Sewing Classes

We have been having a great time and making so many cool things in our weekly sewing classes!  I have had a hard time keeping up with these students and their creations!4th grade "Spot" dog.4th grade "A" pillow.5th grade apron.4th grade "K" pillow.3rd grade "Owl" stuffie.4th grade bag with a zipper designed by our student.4th grader designed hat.4th grader designed clutch bag complete with button closure and patch embellishment.5th grade bean bag.4th grade "T" pillow.4th grade "H" pillow.4th grade "E" pillow.4th grader elephant stuffie.4th grader "Spot" dog.

Halloween Costume Update

Everyone came to our Halloween Costume Workshop with lots of energy and ready do work.  It's so easy to teach students who want to learn!!

Fairy costume ready to be cut out.Dorothy costume being pinned.Poodle skirt waistband and ties being made.Vampire cape lining finished!!!Ooops!  A little ripping going on - no worries!!  All is well now!Ironing that hugely long waistband!Sewing on her dinosaur costume.

Everyone made such huge progress on their costumes!  I am so proud of them!

Halloween Costume Workshop

We had our first of three sessions for the Halloween Costume Workshop!!  Our students have some great ideas and started on their projects.4th grader.

We cut out patterns - this one is for a fairy.

4th grader.

We pinned them to our fabric - this will be a vampire.

5th grader.

This will be Rainbow Dash.

5th grader.

We cut our fabric - this will be a poodle skirt.

3rd grader.

We even got some sewing done - this will be a dinosaur.

5th grader.

Poodle skirt sewing.

All in all a great session and some fabulous costumes taking place!

Knitting Class!

We have such a fun time in knitting class!  Our students get so much done!

Sewing the last little bit on a hat.4th grader hat knit in the round.

This student did such a great job on her hat.  She cast on with circular needles, knit for 6 1/2", changed to double pointed needles, and then cast off and sewed the top closed.  Isn't it such a cute hat?!!

Side view of hat.Spool knitted bracelet with buttons being sewn on.Finished, embellished bracelet!Another bracelet!

What is just so wonderful about these knitting classes is the friendships that are being made.  The students are all so supportive of each other.  They help each other with challenges and celebrate finishes together!

Aren't those buttons fabulous?!!Hair bow by a new knitter.  Great job!Bows were very popular!

This session of knitting is over but the next one starts right up next week!!

Sewing and Knitting Class

It's time for another class of sewing and knitting and I haven't even posted from last week!!  So many good things to come from Let's Go Crafting.  A Halloween Workshop is being offered - I can't wait to see what each student comes up with!  American Girl Clothing workshops, Holiday Ornament workshops and more to come.But...let me get to the important stuff for now!  What went on in last week's classes?Collaborating.Cutting of new projects.Fabric selection and pinning.More cutting.Sewing.More sewing - this is the insertion of a zipper.Chattin' and knittin'More knitting.Part of a finished bow.Casting on.Almost done!Spool knitting at break time.A spool knitted bracelet!