Second Day of Crochet Camp

I can't believe how hungry these campers are to learn and create!  It is music to my ears!IMG_0081This camper kept diligently crocheting along until she had mastered the chain stitch and completed her shoelaces!  It takes determination to get it right.IMG_0083And here they are.  She has her own sense of style - the shoelaces are different colors on purpose!IMG_0082This camper was so excited to learn more that she brought her work home with her yesterday and finished up her hair scrunchie.   It's just perfect!  Now she has moved onto a beaded headband (which she will finish tomorrow) and on her list to make is an amigurumi stuffed animal.  I know she can do it!IMG_0084We also made a yarn octopus complete with embroidered face and bows everywhere!  Tomorrow this young camper will make her hair scrunchie.