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We're Back!

Our classes did not meet last week because of Thanksgiving break, but it was fabulous to be back creating today!Another quilt to donate!Starting a quilt.Working away!More sewing.Almost done!Weaving.Starting a new project.Ironing.Starting a crochet afghan.

Fabulous Finished Projects!

These students have been working away with such enthusiasm!!4th grader blouse.Quilted bag in process.5th grader backpack.5th grader backpack.Dog Pillowcase.4th grader jammie pants.3rd grader Cat Pillowcase.4th grader headband.5th grader headband.5th grader crochet scrunchie.5th grader completely lined book bag.

Knitting and Crochet

I am continually amazed at what our students can do - and WANT to do.  I am so lucky to be able to teach to students who truly are engaged and excited about their art.  We do so much knitting and crochet (that is what this class is all about!), but we also do so many other things.Almost done!

Making a small wallet.

Working on her stuffed animal

Learning to read patterns with notations like:  K2tog and kfb - not an easy task!

Scarf making.

It takes a long time to make a scarf.

Starting the circle weaving project.I was inspired by an art teacher named Cassis Stephens.  She taught this circle weaving class to her students. It looked like so much fun that I decided to bring it to our students.Painting our backgrounds.Our bases look like this.Finishing up.Finished base.

Aren't the bases for our circle weaving beautiful!  Just wait until they add the details and then some weaving to them.

Hop scotch today for break.

These students really love to play hopscotch.  It appears that this is an "old time" game because while they knew some of the basics, they really didn't know how to play.  I happily taught them the rules and away they went.

They LOVE hopscotch!

Sometimes, they are having so much fun, it is hard to get them to stop playing and come back to knit or crochet.

4th grade crochet headband.Loom knitting.

We don't always knit with knitting needles.  This student brought her knitting loom to class to work on.

Close up for stitch detail - Lovely!Spool knitting.

Spool knitting continues to be a huge hit.

Weaving boards - for bookmarks.

I made these weaving boards for noon art and held back a few for knitting class.  They make perfect bookmarks after being taken off the board!  The best part?  These boards can be used over and over again and are made with recycled (cereal boxes) cardboard.

Making a cowl on circular needles.

REALLY?  A 10 year old knitting on circular needles?!  Yes!

More spool knittin.More knitting.Starting a new project.WOO HOO!!  The head is done!Now the start of the beak.More weaving boards.IMG_4183 IMG_4182Adding details to our circle weaving backgrounds.IMG_4185Details being added.Hearts!Lots of color and lots of detials!

I can't wait until the bases are finished so that they can start the warping and weaving!

Knitting Class

Knitting classes continue to be a source of fun and entertainment for our students!  We do so many things in addition to knitting in this class.

3rd grader slipper finish.

First up though is a pair of VERY cute slippers!!

Start of a pom-pom

We also made pom-poms and although they can be made by one person alone, it is much more fun to make them with a friend.

Pom-pom in process.Pom-pom finish!

Pom-pom made using only her fingers and yarn :o)

4th grade granny square.

The student who made these learned them in one lesson.

4th grade granny square.

She decided she wanted to make another one.  Isn't this lovely, the stitches and tension are all so even - I couldn't have done any better.

3rd grader knitted strap for a bag.Learning to crochet.New start.More pom-poms!Another pom-pom start.

Pom-poms were the order of the day!

Crochet project start.Finger weaving.As you can see, even though this is a knitting class, we learn so much more during our time together - crochet, finger weaving, spool knitting, pom-pom making - really anything yarn related.  The kids really have so much fun!

Moving right along with our crochet projects

Today everyone was really on the ball!8th grade schrunchie - he made this for his sister.

So many hair scrunchies completed today that it was very easy to move on to the more advanced projects!

Beautifully colored hair scrunchie.

I love these colors!

A lovely day to work outside on the patio.

Most of the campers decided to work outside this morning.  The weather was totally perfect!

Hair scrunchie.

She was so happy to finish this.  These are not easy for the beginning crocheter.

Hair scrunchieAnother hair scrunchie.Playing with the local wildlife.Two scrunchies finished at the same time.

Everyone finished their hair scrunchies this morning and started their next projects.  Last week, most of the campers chose the beaded headband, this week there are quite a few different projects started.  Several hats (granny square and half double crochet), bags, and one beaded headband.  I can't wait for tomorrow!!


2nd week of Crochet Camp

This is the second week of Crochet Camp for Let's Go Crafting and we have a whole new group of enthusiastic new crocheters.  All but one were brand new to crocheting this morning.  But by the end of our three hours they were doing great!

Discussing important "things"

There was such a lot of great work going on today!

Chattin' and crochetin'

Fun yarn, a new skill, what could be better?

3rd grader's lovely new shoelaces!

This camper already knew how to crochet, but she learned a better way to hold her yarn and hook so that her next projects will be easier to complete.

6th grade shoelaces.6th grade shoelaces.8th grade shoelaces.

The first boy crochet camper!IMG_0122

Enjoying snack time outside.

This is such a great time for the campers!  They make new friendships and bond together.

The pre-dyeing yarn soak.

We dyed yarn again this week because the campers really love this activity.  We soak the yarn first because the wet yarn takes up the dye better.

Dyeing yarn - it never gets old.More shoelaces.


Yahoo!!  I'm finished!

Every single camper finished their shoelaces today!!  What a great day at camp!











Final day of week one crochet camp

Today was our final day together for this camp.  I am going to miss these campers!!  They are so hardworking - no one wanted to take a break today - they just kept on working!Crochet Amigurumi Panda Bear Head by 10 year oldI found those doll eyes at JoAnn's last night and just had to get them.  Don't they look so cute on her stuffed bear?  She was thrilled with them.Amigurumi Penguin BodyAmigurumi penguin in the making.  This is the body and she is almost done.  I sent her home with supplies to finish up and also with instructions to call or stop by if she needs help.Beaded headband made by 7 year oldThis camper worked so hard to master the half double crochet stitch needed to make this headband.  As you can see, she did a fabulous job!All my campers took home the necessary supplies to finish their projects.  They also know that I am always available to help them if they hit a snag and need help with something.  My primary goal for them is to feel successful and have a great first crocheting experience so that they continue - anything I can do to make that happen I will do!  See you next time :o)

Amigurumi is SOOO fun!!

First up, we had a big finish - a hair scrunchie for this camper!  She did so great.  It is not easy to connect this yarn to the hair tie and it takes a long time to make all those chain stitches!  Good Job!IMG_0090Doesn't it look adorable on her??IMG_0091I can't believe a 10 year old can crochet this.  These are tiny stitches and make up the body part of an amigurumi elephant.  This camper is now working on the head.  What an accomplishment!IMG_0092Another camper started an amigurumi penguin and this is part of the head - almost complete!IMG_0093Our youngest crochet camper threading beads onto her yarn to make a beaded headband.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last day of this week's camp!  I will be winding yarn for the campers to take home with them so that they can finish their projects.


Amazing students!

Today, crochet camp was amazing!IMG_0085As soon as the campers arrived, they got right down to work.IMG_0086A beautiful headband was created!IMG_0087And another beautiful beaded headband was created!  I can't believe what these kids accomplish in such a short amount of time.IMG_0088Two of the campers want to make some amigurumi stuffed animals - so that is what we started.  This is the start of an elephant.  There will be a start of a penguin tomorrow for the other camper.  In the upper corner you can just see a barely 7 year old crocheting her hair scrunchie.IMG_0089Such lovely, small, perfect crochet stitches for her stuffed elephant!

Second Day of Crochet Camp

I can't believe how hungry these campers are to learn and create!  It is music to my ears!IMG_0081This camper kept diligently crocheting along until she had mastered the chain stitch and completed her shoelaces!  It takes determination to get it right.IMG_0083And here they are.  She has her own sense of style - the shoelaces are different colors on purpose!IMG_0082This camper was so excited to learn more that she brought her work home with her yesterday and finished up her hair scrunchie.   It's just perfect!  Now she has moved onto a beaded headband (which she will finish tomorrow) and on her list to make is an amigurumi stuffed animal.  I know she can do it!IMG_0084We also made a yarn octopus complete with embroidered face and bows everywhere!  Tomorrow this young camper will make her hair scrunchie. 

Crochet Camp is this week!

Our first day of crochet camp was today and boy are these kids quick learners!IMG_0073We always start out with shoelaces.  It's a quick way to learn the chain stitch and to also learn how to make your tension even.IMG_0075

Finished shoelaces!!

IMG_0076And another pair of finished shoelaces!

IMG_0078We also dyed yarn.  I love having the kids do this.  They have such a great time and it will be exciting for them tomorrow to roll up the yarn into balls and make something with it.

IMG_0080Each hank is different.  Some like just a smattering of dye...

IMG_0079while others like lots of dark vibrant colors.  Either way, the resulting yarn will be beautiful.

IMG_0077This camper even finished a hair scrunchie!  Then she started a beaded head band.

These camps are so fun!  I can't wait until tomorrow to see what each camper makes.