Amigurumi is SOOO fun!!

First up, we had a big finish - a hair scrunchie for this camper!  She did so great.  It is not easy to connect this yarn to the hair tie and it takes a long time to make all those chain stitches!  Good Job!IMG_0090Doesn't it look adorable on her??IMG_0091I can't believe a 10 year old can crochet this.  These are tiny stitches and make up the body part of an amigurumi elephant.  This camper is now working on the head.  What an accomplishment!IMG_0092Another camper started an amigurumi penguin and this is part of the head - almost complete!IMG_0093Our youngest crochet camper threading beads onto her yarn to make a beaded headband.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last day of this week's camp!  I will be winding yarn for the campers to take home with them so that they can finish their projects.