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Final day of week one crochet camp

Today was our final day together for this camp.  I am going to miss these campers!!  They are so hardworking - no one wanted to take a break today - they just kept on working!Crochet Amigurumi Panda Bear Head by 10 year oldI found those doll eyes at JoAnn's last night and just had to get them.  Don't they look so cute on her stuffed bear?  She was thrilled with them.Amigurumi Penguin BodyAmigurumi penguin in the making.  This is the body and she is almost done.  I sent her home with supplies to finish up and also with instructions to call or stop by if she needs help.Beaded headband made by 7 year oldThis camper worked so hard to master the half double crochet stitch needed to make this headband.  As you can see, she did a fabulous job!All my campers took home the necessary supplies to finish their projects.  They also know that I am always available to help them if they hit a snag and need help with something.  My primary goal for them is to feel successful and have a great first crocheting experience so that they continue - anything I can do to make that happen I will do!  See you next time :o)

Amigurumi is SOOO fun!!

First up, we had a big finish - a hair scrunchie for this camper!  She did so great.  It is not easy to connect this yarn to the hair tie and it takes a long time to make all those chain stitches!  Good Job!IMG_0090Doesn't it look adorable on her??IMG_0091I can't believe a 10 year old can crochet this.  These are tiny stitches and make up the body part of an amigurumi elephant.  This camper is now working on the head.  What an accomplishment!IMG_0092Another camper started an amigurumi penguin and this is part of the head - almost complete!IMG_0093Our youngest crochet camper threading beads onto her yarn to make a beaded headband.  I can't believe tomorrow is our last day of this week's camp!  I will be winding yarn for the campers to take home with them so that they can finish their projects.


Amazing students!

Today, crochet camp was amazing!IMG_0085As soon as the campers arrived, they got right down to work.IMG_0086A beautiful headband was created!IMG_0087And another beautiful beaded headband was created!  I can't believe what these kids accomplish in such a short amount of time.IMG_0088Two of the campers want to make some amigurumi stuffed animals - so that is what we started.  This is the start of an elephant.  There will be a start of a penguin tomorrow for the other camper.  In the upper corner you can just see a barely 7 year old crocheting her hair scrunchie.IMG_0089Such lovely, small, perfect crochet stitches for her stuffed elephant!