2nd week of Crochet Camp

This is the second week of Crochet Camp for Let's Go Crafting and we have a whole new group of enthusiastic new crocheters.  All but one were brand new to crocheting this morning.  But by the end of our three hours they were doing great!

Discussing important "things"

There was such a lot of great work going on today!

Chattin' and crochetin'

Fun yarn, a new skill, what could be better?

3rd grader's lovely new shoelaces!

This camper already knew how to crochet, but she learned a better way to hold her yarn and hook so that her next projects will be easier to complete.

6th grade shoelaces.6th grade shoelaces.8th grade shoelaces.

The first boy crochet camper!IMG_0122

Enjoying snack time outside.

This is such a great time for the campers!  They make new friendships and bond together.

The pre-dyeing yarn soak.

We dyed yarn again this week because the campers really love this activity.  We soak the yarn first because the wet yarn takes up the dye better.

Dyeing yarn - it never gets old.More shoelaces.


Yahoo!!  I'm finished!

Every single camper finished their shoelaces today!!  What a great day at camp!