Arts 'n Crafts Camp

We had a fabulous time yesterday during Arts 'n Crafts Camp!!  I guess we always have a great time - I think I have just as much fun as the kids!IMG_0130We started out working on our 3D paper mache projects.

Beginnings of 3D paper mache creations

I was a little worried that some of the campers might not like getting their hands slimy, but that was not a problem.  They all seemed to really enjoy the process of making these.  They had a choice between making a doll or a pedestal bowl.  Now, I thought the boys would choose the bowls while the girls would choose the dolls.  I could not have been more wrong!!  It was the other way around.  Every girl chose to make the pedestal bowl and the boy decided to make the doll.

Melted crayon art

Then we moved onto melted crayon art.  This is such a fun art project.  The campers get to dip crayons into the flame of a candle and then create a picture with dots of color from the melted crayon.  Of course, I am sitting right there with them to make sure everyone stays safe!

Melted crayon artWorking on their melted crayon art projects

The campers had such a great time, several of them made more than one picture.

6th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art

More of an impressionist piece of art.

6th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art8th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art10th grade Melted Crayon Art

Today we will continue with our paper mache projects and work on some other fun art!!