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Knitting and Crochet

I am continually amazed at what our students can do - and WANT to do.  I am so lucky to be able to teach to students who truly are engaged and excited about their art.  We do so much knitting and crochet (that is what this class is all about!), but we also do so many other things.Almost done!

Making a small wallet.

Working on her stuffed animal

Learning to read patterns with notations like:  K2tog and kfb - not an easy task!

Scarf making.

It takes a long time to make a scarf.

Starting the circle weaving project.I was inspired by an art teacher named Cassis Stephens.  She taught this circle weaving class to her students. It looked like so much fun that I decided to bring it to our students.Painting our backgrounds.Our bases look like this.Finishing up.Finished base.

Aren't the bases for our circle weaving beautiful!  Just wait until they add the details and then some weaving to them.

Hop scotch today for break.

These students really love to play hopscotch.  It appears that this is an "old time" game because while they knew some of the basics, they really didn't know how to play.  I happily taught them the rules and away they went.

They LOVE hopscotch!

Sometimes, they are having so much fun, it is hard to get them to stop playing and come back to knit or crochet.

4th grade crochet headband.Loom knitting.

We don't always knit with knitting needles.  This student brought her knitting loom to class to work on.

Close up for stitch detail - Lovely!Spool knitting.

Spool knitting continues to be a huge hit.

Weaving boards - for bookmarks.

I made these weaving boards for noon art and held back a few for knitting class.  They make perfect bookmarks after being taken off the board!  The best part?  These boards can be used over and over again and are made with recycled (cereal boxes) cardboard.

Making a cowl on circular needles.

REALLY?  A 10 year old knitting on circular needles?!  Yes!

More spool knittin.More knitting.Starting a new project.WOO HOO!!  The head is done!Now the start of the beak.More weaving boards.IMG_4183 IMG_4182Adding details to our circle weaving backgrounds.IMG_4185Details being added.Hearts!Lots of color and lots of detials!

I can't wait until the bases are finished so that they can start the warping and weaving!

New Session of Sewing Camp!

We are all set up and excited for our new week of sewing camp!  Our studio has been transformed once again from a...

Weaving Camp.

Weaving Camp.

back into a...

Sewing Camp.

Sewing Camp.

We are looking forward to another fantastic week of camp here at Let's Go Crafting!!  Woo Hoo!

And the fun continues in Arts 'n Crafts Camp!

We are in process with several different projects right now.  But never fear!  We will finish everything up by Friday.IMG_0165First we paper mached the small bowl.  After is was dry and trimmed, we glued it to the big bowl.IMG_0150We put several layers of paper mache on the bowls.  We used two sizes of bowls to create a pedestal bowl.  Once the paper mache was dry, it was time to trim the edges and make our last adjustments and "fixes" before painting.IMG_0168Then we glued the bowls together and paper mached the join to hide it.  Now, after it's dry, it's ready to paint.IMG_0154We moved on to painting pots.  These pots, after painting, will be decoupaged with fun images.  They will be perfect colorful additions to any garden!IMG_0161The campers really enjoyed painting.

5th grade painted pot.

This one looks like a gift!IMG_0162Sorry the picture is so blurry, but I had to include it - doesn't this camper look so happy??  And isn't her pot beautiful?!IMG_0164This one contained a LOT of detail.IMG_0156After painting the pots, we started our glue oil pastel drawings.  This is the first step.  The campers drew a picture of anything they wanted on a piece of cardboard.  Then we followed the outline of the drawing with a thick bead of glue.  Once it dries we can use our oil pastel crayons to color and blend our pictures.IMG_0157The picture on the lower right is pretty interesting.  This camper plans to use a combination of the oil pastels along with adding some details in ink.  I can't wait to see how this one turns out.IMG_0171Last, but definitely not least, we worked on these yarn octopi.  I hadn't planned on doing these with the campers, but they saw the ones on the counter from our crochet class in the morning and really wanted to make some - so of course I had to say yes!  They had so much fun with these!

Arts 'n Crafts Camp

We had a fabulous time yesterday during Arts 'n Crafts Camp!!  I guess we always have a great time - I think I have just as much fun as the kids!IMG_0130We started out working on our 3D paper mache projects.

Beginnings of 3D paper mache creations

I was a little worried that some of the campers might not like getting their hands slimy, but that was not a problem.  They all seemed to really enjoy the process of making these.  They had a choice between making a doll or a pedestal bowl.  Now, I thought the boys would choose the bowls while the girls would choose the dolls.  I could not have been more wrong!!  It was the other way around.  Every girl chose to make the pedestal bowl and the boy decided to make the doll.

Melted crayon art

Then we moved onto melted crayon art.  This is such a fun art project.  The campers get to dip crayons into the flame of a candle and then create a picture with dots of color from the melted crayon.  Of course, I am sitting right there with them to make sure everyone stays safe!

Melted crayon artWorking on their melted crayon art projects

The campers had such a great time, several of them made more than one picture.

6th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art

More of an impressionist piece of art.

6th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art8th grade melted crayon art3rd grade melted crayon art10th grade Melted Crayon Art

Today we will continue with our paper mache projects and work on some other fun art!!




Knitting Camp and Arts & Crafts Camp is coming!

We are ready and excited for knitting camp this week!!  Lots of fun things to learn and do.ImageHere you see yarn that has been measured and tied so that we can learn how to dye!  You can make all kinds of colors of yarn this way.ImageAll the yarn bundles are ready for our campers.ImageOur sample dyed yarn.  Isn't that so pretty??  Can you imagine how fun it will be to knit with this yarn?!And stay tuned tomorrow to see what fabulous crafts we create in the afternoon!While our morning camp is full this week, we still have spaces available in the afternoon.  Give us a call if you would like to join us!