Moving right along with our crochet projects

Today everyone was really on the ball!8th grade schrunchie - he made this for his sister.

So many hair scrunchies completed today that it was very easy to move on to the more advanced projects!

Beautifully colored hair scrunchie.

I love these colors!

A lovely day to work outside on the patio.

Most of the campers decided to work outside this morning.  The weather was totally perfect!

Hair scrunchie.

She was so happy to finish this.  These are not easy for the beginning crocheter.

Hair scrunchieAnother hair scrunchie.Playing with the local wildlife.Two scrunchies finished at the same time.

Everyone finished their hair scrunchies this morning and started their next projects.  Last week, most of the campers chose the beaded headband, this week there are quite a few different projects started.  Several hats (granny square and half double crochet), bags, and one beaded headband.  I can't wait for tomorrow!!