First Day of Sewing Camp

Today was our first day of sewing camp and we started out in an upgraded space!

Storage and Sewing Space

Check out how much space we have!!  Let's Go Crafting's Sewing Studio now takes place in a very sunny, large room with lots of storage and lots of space to spread out and work.

Lots and lots of fabric.

We have better storage for all our fabrics that is much easier to access for our students.  They can see everything available and can pick what ever they feel is perfect for their project.

Yummy Fabrics

We have added to our fabrics and now have all the tools and notions organized in those little green drawers.  The tools are much easier to take out and put away!

More storage.

Even more cabinets for supplies.  And take a look at those mirrored doors on that huge cabinet!  The students can now see themselves in the things they make.  I love, love, love our new sewing studio!!  And after this morning of camp, I love it even more!  The students had a great time and it was so much easier for them to help themselves to the supplies and tools that they needed.

Beginning sewing.

Brand new sewers practicing using a sewing machine.

Break time!

The first part of camp was super busy - new students were learning how to safely use the sewing machines, and more experienced students were picking their projects and their fabrics.  Snack time occurs about half way through the morning and is a great time to chat and have fun relaxing.  There are two main areas for the students to have their break - at the patio table and...


on the couches.  At this time of the morning, it is very nice outside.  Shady and cool.

Little pillow.

First finished project for this camp.  This student turned her practice square into a little pillow with such cute buttons!

Working away.Choosing and cutting fabric for a quilt.Ironing to get her seams just right.Bonding over hand sewing.Fabric chosen, now pinning the pattern to the fabric.  Next comes the cutting.Finishing a project.

This student came to our sewing camps last summer and didn't quite have time to finish her robe.  She is back and should finish up tomorrow!  Camp today was a huge success!!  Tomorrow should be even better!