2nd Day of Camp

Today was even busier than yesterday.  New projects were being started, other projects were being finished or worked on and the energy level was super high!

Little Pillows

These two campers were so proud of their pillows.  Look at that super cute fabric and buttons that they chose!

Cutting fabric for a new project.

Those same two campers immediately started new projects.  They both decided on back packs and jumped right in.  This camper did not even want to take a break. She worked straight through!

Break time!

Today almost all of the campers chose to sit on the couches.

Break time!

Break time did not last long today.  All the campers were excited to come back in and work on their projects.

Cute Bag.

You may recognize this pattern - it is the owl pillow that has been done by a couple of other students over the course of the past year.  This particular camper chose to change the pattern to turn the pillow into a bag.

Close up!

Isn't it so cute?!  I love her fabric choices and I love her ingenuity.  Note the owl fabric handle for her owl bag - so fun!

Bag in use.

This bag is so perfect!  Great fabric, great construction, great idea - well done!


All students learn to iron and amazingly enough, they like it!  This camper is working on her back pack.

More ironing.

In order for seams to look nice, ironing is a must.  These campers are getting really good at it!

Another back pack needing ironing.

This camper is also making a back pack.  She is waiting to use the iron to put the finishing touches on the lining.  Tomorrow she will make the outer bag and start adding the casing.

Quilt in process.

This camper decided to make a quilt as her second project.  Just look what colorful fabric she has chosen.  Isn't that such a fun and happy quilt top?!

Pajama pants.

What you see on that chair are the legs of a pair of pajamas.  I can't wait to show you the finished project - the fabric is just so cute!  See you next time!