Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The last two days of camp have been so much fun!  All campers have completed at least two projects.  I am so proud of all of them!

7th grader Robe

This is a big, huge TAA - DAA moment for this 7th grader.  She finished her robe and it is simply beautiful!  The workmanship is very professional-it took a long time and a lot of work, but it was well worth it!

Back of robe.Back of Collar - beautiful.

Look at that neat and even stitching!

Front of Collar.

This is a project to be proud of!

4th grader bat stuffie.

Then we have this super cute bat stuffie.  One of the things that makes this so fun and special is the fact that there are pipe cleaners inserted into channels in the wings making them posable.

7th grader Pieced Quilt.

This camper worked hard selecting just the right fabrics for her quilt and for her backing.  Such a great job!

Robe for a stuffed piggie.

This camper brought in her favorite stuffie and wanted to make an article of clothing.  Without a pattern, she decided to make a robe.

Little Piggie Robe.

It's just sooo cute!!  And it fits perfectly!

4th grader bean bag.4th grader apron.2nd grader backpack.

This 7 year old worked really hard on her backpack.  She has no prior sewing experience and it turned out really well.  Can you tell she is thrilled!!

Backpack.2nd grader backpack.

Another young camper with no prior sewing experience finishes a backpack in no time.  Great job!

Backpack.4th grader pillow.7th grader Summer Scarf7th grader pillow.

This 7th grader made this pillow for her grandparents - it is a special food item that they love.  Isn't that sweet?

7th grader pillow.5th grader jammie pants.

O.K.  I have to admit that I simply love these jammies.  I have been wanting one of my students to make some jammie pants since I started teaching sewing.  Now they have been made and they are as cute as I had envisioned them - maybe cuter because of the fabric that was chosen!

5th grader jammie pants.

They have these perfect little pockets on the sides - Gotta love the contrasting fabric!