First Week of Sewing Camp Comes to a Close

This week of camp has been so much fun.  Although not all the campers knew each other in the beginning, they formed friendships the first day that continued until today.  And hopefully when they meet up again around town, they will continue to be friends.  It's fun to see them all working together and supporting each other.  I am sad to see this group go.  I am excited that some of them will be joining us next week!

Today was an exciting day of finishes.  Earlier this week we did some painting on fabric.

Taping for fabric painting.

I had squares of white fabric ready for the students.  They taped the fabric to newspaper and then proceeded to tape out designs on the fabric.

Taping for fabric painting.

Everywhere tape was placed, the paint would be blocked.

Taping for fabric painting.Taping for fabric painting.

Some of them got really creative and made circles and flowers.

Taping for fabric painting.

Others were equally creative by cutting the tape "thick and thin" to make lines of varying widths.

Starting to paint.

After each student was finished with their design, we painted on the open fabric areas.

4th grader painted fabric pillow.

When the fabric was ready, the campers turned them into pillows.IMG_2017

They picked out a backing fabric, sewed the front to the back, stuffed it and TA-DA a pillow is complete.

7th grader pillow.

Each pillow came out different.IMG_2019

And the backing fabrics chosen were also very different.

7th grader pillow.IMG_20232nd and 3rd grader pillows.IMG_20252nd grader pillow.IMG_2027Working side by side.

Talking and sewing :o)

5th grader sewing.

Working on the finishing touches to his project.  Will he finish by the end of today?

2nd grader headbands.

After completing their pillows, these campers were ready to start on something new.  They decided on headbands - could they be any cuter?

7th grader puppy stuffie.

This stuffed animal is deceptively difficult.  It appears to be just a simple sewing project, but it really is complicated.  There are many, many pieces.  Most of these pieces have darts that need to be sewn to add depth and structure.  Additionally, it is much harder to sew small pieces on the machine than larger pieces.  She did a fantastic job!


 Note the skirt she is wearing - this camper came to camp last summer and that is the skirt she made!! It was so great to see her in it.

IMG_2032 4th grader owl pillow.5th grader letter "H" pillow and a headband.

She made her next two items so quickly there was no time for a photo in between so here you have it, her headband and her letter "H" pillow, both together.

2nd grader bean bags.

Once their headbands had been made, they still had a few minutes left of class.  They decided to make one last project before the day was done.  Bean bags!!!

4th grade letter "K" pillow.4th grade painted fabric pillow.4th grade bean bag.Close up of 4th grade bean bag.

I just LOVE the face on this bean bag!

7th grader headband.Flower detail on 7th grader headband.

Check out that super cute flower.  She cut 28 individual petals, assembled them and added a button all on her own - no pattern - no picture- just an idea in her imagination.  Fabulous!!

7th grader pillow.

With six minutes left to the end of class this camper decided to make yet another pillow!  I love it when they enjoy sewing so much, they don't want to stop.  Again, note the skirt she is wearing :o)

4th grader pillow.

That student we were looking at earlier and asking if he would finish his "bug" pillow?  Well, yes he did!!!  He learned something new on this pillow - sewing in "relief".  Usually, for this pillow, the kids cut out circles of fabric and sew them to the front.  In this case, he sewed a lining fabric to the back of the front fabric, traced circles onto the front fabric, sewed on those lines, cut out the center circle and now he has some POP in his project!  Doesn't he look proud?

I am excited to see what sewing camp next week will bring!