A Brand New Week of Sewing

Another week begins with Let's Go Crafting Sewing Camps!


New students have joined us and all are sewing on the machines now.  It only takes about twenty minutes for them to learn to sew a straight seam and to make crisp corners - they are amazing!

4th grader working on a sachet.

We usually start with a sachet as a first project because there are a ton of skills packed into such a fun project.  The students learn about the right side and wrong side of their fabrics, 1/4" seam allowances, how to sew a straight seam, how to turn corners, the importance of ironing seams, hand sewing a neat edge and putting on a button.  WHEW!!  That's a whole lot!!  But no matter the age, they are all up to the task.

4th grader sachet.7th grader sachet.6th grader sachet.4th grader sachet.3rd grader sachet.4th grader sachet.

Every new sewer finished their sachet and started a new project this morning.

6th grader bean bag.

This student was with me last summer and decided to renew her skills by making a bean bag first this morning.

Close up of 6th grader bean bag.Inside snack time.

It was a little cold and windy this morning so the campers decided to have snack time inside.  At least the ones that I could convince to take a break :o)

Starting a new project.

Once the students have made their sachet, they have many other projects to choose from.  Everyone found something that appealed to them and jumped right in.

Working on small projects.

Some chose bigger projects and some chose smaller projects - there is something for everyone.

Picking fun fabrics.

Everyone had so much fun picking their fabrics for their projects!