Today we had another major Taa-Daa moment for one of our students!

7th grader robe.

This student finished her robe today!!  This was a very long term project, that required lots of patience and determination.  And she is ROCKIN' it!

7th grader robe.

I can't believe this student and another student were able to make these!  The look and fit great - good job girls!

Starting off right away.

Lots of other things were going on today as well.  Starting on the second day, the students know where everything is stored and can start right up as soon as they arrive - no waiting :o)

Progress being made on small hand sewn projects.

These two are really enjoying their tiny work.  Tiny pieces of fabric and tiny stitches!  They enjoy it so much, I couldn't get them to take a break or get snack!

Cutting fabric.

Campers can work anywhere they wish.  Some stand, some sit on the floor, and some use the shelf top to work.  Whatever makes them comfortable is perfect.

6th grader "R" pillow.

Today two students decided to make letter pillows to spell out their names.  Such fun to pick fabric and sew these up.

3rd grader apron.

She finished her apron!!  Great job!

6th grader "S" pillow.3rd grader bean bag.4th grader owl pillow.Chatting and sewing.

It is fun to work on sewing with others.

3rd grader headband.

Tomorrow will bring more fabulous fun!