High Energy!

As always, as camp winds down to the last two days, our students are working to finish up their projects and the energy level is super high!  Today was no different.

3rd grader chihuahua.

This camper made her little chihuahua totally by hand.  Then she decided that it needed a boat.  Not completely satisfied with that she decided her little chihuahua needed many more things to be comfortable...

Chihuahua home.

He needed a bowl, a bone, a bed, toys and of course a little bag for his toys.  He also needed water to swim in.  How creative she is!!!  It was so fun helping her make all these things completely from her imagination!

Growing Chicks.

Break time is quite the exciting time now that we have chicks.  The campers love the chicks and as you can see, the chicks love the campers!

Growing Chicks.Growing Chicks.Growing Chicks.

These chicks are all getting so much bigger.  They are really comfortable with the campers and like just hanging out with them.IMG_2396

After break it was back to work.IMG_2397

7th grader back pack.

You just gotta love this fabric!!IMG_2400IMG_2401

Doing the last little bit to close up her pillow.

Quilt making.

This camper is making a quilt that can cover her.  Here she is measuring for the next sashing to be added.IMG_2403

Lots of fabric to choose from, lots of choices being made, and lots of projects being worked on.IMG_2404

The absolute best way to do some hand sewing.

7th grader i-phone holder.

This pillow is completely the design of this camper.  She drew out what she wanted and took off!  On the back is a little pocket for her phone.  How creative!!

7th grader pillow.Pillow "face" close up.7th grader headband.7th grader headband.

This camper made two headbands in the space of about 15 minutes!  You go girl!

7th grader puppy.3rd grader back pack.

IMG_2413This camper was all wrapped up in another camper's quilt.  A great way to see just how big your quilt is - try it out on someone else!