Fabulous Award Winning Projects!!

Today was a fantastic day at camp.  All the students finished up their projects and were so thrilled!

3rd grader headband.

There were headbands.

3rd grader stuffed elephant.

Stuffed animals.

7th grader pillow case.3rd grader fabric painted pillow."Tux"

Fun with our enthusiastic helper, "Tux"

3rd grader stuffie.

"Spot" the dog hot off the sewing machine and ready to be stuffed.  Look, she is almost as tall as one of our other campers!

3rd grader puppy.Side view of 3rd grader puppy.

Take a look at that snazzy beaded collar and earrings!

3rd grader stuffed dog.

Look how thrilled this camper is with her stuffie!!

7th grader name pillow.Close up of the name pillow.

Isn't this clever?  She combined her name with her friend's name and made a pillow!

5th grader quilt.

This is such a nice color layout on this quilt.

7th grader back pack.7th grader apron.7th grader back pack.

She made this for her sister!

Working together to tie a quilt.

Sewing and quilting are such great community builders.  These students are all working together on this quilt.

Trying to finish projects before the end of class.Nice sewing nook.7th grader bean bag.7th grader bean bag.7th grader quilt.

This is such a lovely quilt.  So many different colors!

7th grader apron.7th grader quilt.

Another lovely quilt.

3rd grader pillow.Embroidery detail.

It's hard to see, but this camper embroidered her name on her pillow in rainbow colors!  The entire week was fantastic - this was a great group of students!  I can't wait for next week - Knitting Time!