Beautiful Finishes and Starts

We had a fabulous weaving day!!

Hem Stitching.

This camper started the day out with some beautiful hem stitching.  I am amazed at this group of campers!!  Their hem stitching is really great.

Weaving Twill.

This third grader is working on the twill pattern for her sampler.  On the rigid heddle loom, this requires great concentration.

Cutting a project off the loom.

The weaving and hem stitching is done!!  Time to remove the project from the loom.

Cutting off of the loom.

Another project being cut off the loom!  Exciting times.

Hem Stitch.

The hem stitching on one side of this camper's project is done and now she is hem stitching the other side.

Pulling out waste yarn.

Woo Hoo!!  The sampler is done!  Now to pull out the waste yarn at the beginning of her project and to hem stitch.  Then this part of her project will be complete.

New Warp.

A camper from yesterday finished his project and is now measuring the warp for his second project.  I love the colors he has chosen!!

4th grader scarf.

Our first finish of the day and isn't it lovely?!!  The colors are so fun and bright!!

4th grader scarf.

Another fun finish!  This camper is so proud of her scarf!